This sweet pup was found trapped in a silo nearly 20 miles from home.

A Michigan dog has been reunited with his family after going missing for a heartbreaking 43 days. Thankfully, Milo, a 4-year-old springer spaniel, was found earlier this week—trapped at the bottom of a silo nearly 20 miles from home.

Milo went missing Jan. 8, and though he was sighted in early February, the trail ran cold. Milo's family spread the word about their missing pet, sharing posts about Milo and hoping somebody in the community might help them locate their beloved dog.

family seeing Milo after rescue
Credit: Courtesy of Kent County Animal Shelter

On Sunday, Milo's family finally got the news they had been hoping for. Kent County Animal Shelter posted on its Facebook account that Milo had been found that morning in Sand Lake, Mich. He had been found inside of a bunker-style silo after apparently falling through a hole in the top.

"The dog had been heard barking for a few days per town residents," the post reads. "Our caller had investigated the area and believed him to be stuck under a silo so contacted Animal Control for assistance."

Local animal control services found Milo inside the silo—10-foot high walls with a smooth surface had prevented him from being able to escape after falling in. With the help of some good Samaritans (one of whom had previous animal control experience), officers were able to loop a rope around Milo's body and pull the dog out of the silo.

Local Paws LLC, a regional group dedicated to helping owners find their missing pets, was able to match Milo to his missing dog description. Milo's family rushed to retrieve their precious pooch, who had lost 33 pounds and suffered a harrowing six weeks missing in the Michigan winter.

"He remembered them immediately and many tears were shed from everyone," the shelter wrote.

We are so happy that Milo was reunited with his family, and we hope he's recovering well.