This pup’s recent adoption is a “Christmas miracle” worth celebrating.
Dog lays on floor and in person's lap
Credit: Pet Friends on Facebook

This year marked Elsa’s third Christmas at the Pet Friends animal shelter in Pittsburgh. The lovable shepherd mix spent the past few years in the shelter without so much as one adoption application before a Christmas Eve special on a local news station helped Elsa find her forever home.

Before arriving at the shelter, Elsa spent the first five years of her life neglected, living in an outdoor cage with little warmth or shelter. After she was brought to the Pittsburgh shelter in November 2018, Pet Friends staff and volunteers worked hard to help the precious pup overcome anxiety and learn to trust humans again. 

But years went by, and nobody applied to adopt Elsa. Hoping to help her finally find a loving family of her own, Pet Friends teamed up with a local news station to share its furry friend’s heartbreaking story this holiday season. Pet Friends volunteer Toni Youkin told local reporters that Elsa’s adoption after so long in the shelter would be a “Christmas miracle”—and that Christmas miracle came true. 

After Elsa’s story was aired as part of WTAE’s Christmas Eve programming, the adoption applications started rolling in. Pet Friends posted an update on social media just two days after Christmas, saying that Elsa has finally been adopted and will be spending the new year in her forever home.

Elsa is so lucky to have finally found her own family, and she’s lucky to have been rescued from the harsh conditions she was found in. Cold weather can be extremely dangerous for dogs, and it’s important to know how to protect your pup. To find a shelter near you where you can adopt your own furry friend, check out the Daily Paws adoption guide.