Someone left King with a note about how he was a good, lovey boy.
white and tan dogs grins with open mouth at the camera
Credit: South Suburban Humane Society

A dog abandoned in a Burger King parking lot has reunited with his owner thanks to the help of a local humane society—and we all get to see the story's sweet conclusion.

The South Suburban Humane Society (SSHS) in Illinois took in King at the end of February after someone left him in the parking lot with a note that read: "Hi, I'm King. I am a good boy. Love to hug and kiss."

But on Monday, he and his owner saw each other again after she secured a place for them to live. SSHS posted the sweet reunification to Facebook, showing King with a super-wiggly butt.

The Monee Police Department found King in the parking lot, but officers couldn't find his owner, according to an SSHS Facebook post.

Emily Klehm, CEO of SSHS, told People that King was in great condition when he arrived at the shelter, looking healthy and acting like a total "lovebug" toward the staff. King's owner saw an online post about her dog and contacted the shelter. 

She explained her situation to SSHS. According to the shelter's Facebook post, the pup's she had suffered a major medical episode and moved in with her family. Unbeknownst to her, one of her relatives abandoned King in the parking lot. She felt "devastated" and was trying to find a new place to live so she and King could be together again. 

An SSHS staff member offered to foster the pup for a month to give his owner time to figure things out before they could resume their life together. Thankfully, that didn't take long. According to the pair's GoFundMe page, King's owner is going to live with a loved one she trusts, so she and her dog were able to reunite shortly after they'd been separated.

Burger King even offered its support, donating a care package to King and his mom and feeding the hardworking SSHS staff.