We can’t imagine Dada and Neo without each other.

Dada and Neo may just be the textbook definition of a strong sibling bond. The two cats have been inseparable since day one and now live in sync! When the brothers aren't disrupting their owner Milena's yoga sessions, they're cuddling, eating food together or even mirroring each other's movements.

Dada and Neo's adoption was totally unexpected. Cat mom Milena tells Daily Paws her friend called her asking if she was interested in adopting a kitten. A semi-feral cat who frequented Milena's friend's recording studio gave birth to a litter of kittens, two of which were Dada and Neo.

"I saw them and I knew I couldn't say no," Milena says.

Milena says that while they may be joined at the hip, the two cats have their own unique quirks. Dada, a fluffy ginger kitty, is the more active of the two. He's always rolling around, climbing on top of the refrigerator and following Milena from room to room. And even though he knows the best hiding spots, Milena can always hear all his loud meows.

Neo, who Milena calls her "loverboy," is one of the sweetest and cuddliest kittens around. When he's not snuggling up near Milena's head or making biscuits on her lap, he loves to spend his day looking outside. Milena says Neo can spend hours sitting in their bay window, watching the birds and squirrels run by.

"Every day these cats do something new and funny and make me laugh," Milena says. "It's an adventure."