Four Labs had lost their mom before even getting to know her. Thankfully, Angela the corgi adopted them as her own.

Four Labrador retriever puppies at a Texas rescue who lost their mother shortly after their birth have found warmth—and milk!—in an unlikely place. The new adoptive mama dog, a corgi who'd also given birth to her own litter of pups a few weeks prior, stepped up to help feed, clean, and cuddle the little ones in their time of need... and it's just as adorable as you'd think. 

Lone Star Dog Ranch & Dog Ranch Rescue writes on Facebook that they'd taken in a pregnant Lab named Autumn Dove earlier this month as a rescue from a puppy mill. She was able to give birth to four healthy little pups, but sadly passed away shortly after their arrival. 

Without their mom, the puppies would need to be bottle fed every two or three hours. But since Angela the corgi had given birth to her pups three weeks earlier, the shelter's staff wondered if she might be interested in nursing the Labs.

Staff put one of the new puppies next to Angela, who quickly started nursing him. Soon, all four of the newborn pups were nursing. Great mom that she is, Angela even cleaned them all up once they were full and fell asleep next to her corgi kids.   

puppies nurse from corgi
Credit: Lone Star Dog Ranch & Dog Ranch Rescue on Facebook

After the boys were fed, the shelter's foster mom gathered them up and put them back in the incubator to rest. But Angela wasn't having that. She went up to the incubator and barked, so the shelter returned the Lab pups to their new mom, who happily resumed cleaning and nursing her kids "just like they have been hers the whole time."

"Angela's puppies were 3 weeks old, so to introduce some newborn puppies to a momma who's got 3-week-old pups can be a little tricky and most of the time they kind of turn their back on that, but she didn't. And it was pretty magical," Lone Star President Renne Eden told Fox 4.

Just like Autumn Dove, the organization rescued Angela from a puppy mill, Eden told the news station. Angela already has a family who's ready to adopt her, but they're now patiently waiting for her to raise her latest additions before they take her home. 

The four Lab boys now get to grow up with their new Corgi siblings, too, who for now are much bigger than the newborns—though that certainly won't stay that way for long. The pups even snuggle together, when they aren't with mom, of course.  

"Those are her babies," Eden says. 

As of last week, the boys were 2 weeks old and doing well, even starting to walk around a little bit. Soon, they'll be eating on their own and getting ready to venture out from under Angela's watchful gaze. But until then, fans can keep up with their journey by following the Lone Star Dog Ranch & Dog Ranch Rescue's Facebook page for updates.