Can Chelsea and Brian adopt us, too?

These adorable felines might be some of the luckiest cats around—in fact, Calcifer and Luna's pet mom Chelsea is more than happy to admit her four-legged fur-babies run the show.

"They're everything to me, and they absolutely know it," Chelsea tells Daily Paws. "They also know that I don't pay the rent for us. I pay the rent for them. This is their house." Who else can relate to that sentiment?!

Calcifer and Luna are both rescue cats. Luna, a 9-year-old Ragdoll, was adopted in 2016. Chelsea found Calcifer, a 1.5-year-old orange tabby, stuck in the bushes outside of her apartment complex in 2019. But the two kitties have more differences than just their age. These two have completely different personalities and interests (and aren't afraid to show it).

Chelsea says that Calcifer is more of a daredevil of the two—a "bundle of energy" who loves to steal the glasses off of her face and knock things over. She says that Luna, on the other hand, is "a princess" who loves lots of cuddles and has no problem making an announcement to the house when she's ready to eat. But despite their difference in personalities, these lucky cat siblings have formed an unbreakable bond.

"Calcifer is definitely an annoying younger brother," Chelsea says. "Luna really tries to bond with him, she will come up and groom him. Sometimes he lets her."

One thing Calcifer and Luna have in common is bird watching—mom Chelsea bought them a catio (outdoor cat enclosure) where they can safely enjoy the outdoors together and take in the view. Other things these fur babies both love include playing fetch, and sleeping with their owners at night.

"They're bed hogs," Chelsea says. "Calcifer will jump up on the bed, and get in the middle cry until literally we have taken the blanket and pulled it over him and tucked him in."

Luna and Calcifer love to show their appreciation by grooming Chelsea and her boyfriend Brian, which entails a lot of head licking and hair biting. They say the cuddly cats also love to be held like babies, or cradled on a shoulder ... sometimes for hours at a time!

"I one hundred percent feel like Calcifer and Luna won the lottery with Brian and I," says Chelsea. "They come into the room screaming, and we're like, 'OK, sure.' They're our babies."

"Being a fur parent is so rewarding. I didn't realize how much love would come into my life. I genuinely don't know what I would do without them."