A cat who likes to play fetch AND take baths? We may need to run a DNA test.

Moon may be a ginger long-haired cat, but he acts just like a dog! When his owner Kim first threw one of his toys, she didn't expect him to bring it back. But ever since he did, the two love to play fetch together.

Moon's strange cat behavior doesn't stop at fetch. He also loves taking baths! Kim discovered this when she left her bathroom door open and Moon jumped right into the bubbly tub with her.

"He didn't freak out. He was just sitting there and was like, 'OK I kind of like this,'" Kim said. "And then I was doing the dishes one day and he did the same thing."

Now, Moon loves to get soapy massages from Kim—and he smells nice afterwards, too!

The spunky canine, er, feline friend became a part of her life when Kim decided she needed a companion to keep her company in her apartment. The sweet kitten had been rescued after being abandoned behind the Chinese restaurant where he was found. This later inspired his name, which is a symbol for good luck in Chinese culture.

Nowadays, Kim tells Daily Paws that Moon is one snuggly kitten. When he's not strutting around in his cat sweaters (or T-shirts in the warmer months), he's snuggling up in front of the TV with Kim and a heated blanket. Kim says that Moon's companionship and unique personality has indeed changed her life for the better.

"I couldn't imagine my life without him." We're so thrilled these two found each other!