Thankfully, an animal control officer was able to rescue Montequlla after store employees heard the recliner meowing.
cat stuck in recliner
Credit: Courtesy of Denver Animal Shelter

After spending the waning moments of 2021 trapped in a donated recliner, Montequlla the orange tabby cat is likely very glad to welcome the new year. 

Her family in Denver had donated their beige recliner to the Denver Arc Store as part of their move to a new home. On New Year's Eve, the store realized Montequlla was trapped inside, according to KMGH. Evidently, the chair had been meowing after it was dropped off. Whoops. 

"Sure enough, there's a recliner out front, and there's a little orange tabby stuck inside," Denver Animal Protection Officer Jenna Humphreys told the TV station. "Very friendly, couldn't get out."

Humphreys was able to free Montequlla—who was perfectly friendly—from the chair, but the cat's microchip wasn't updated. However, the cat's owners had arrived at the thrift store after searching their home, and its staff referred them to Humphreys, who was able to set up a reunion, according to KMGH.

Montequlla's owners were thrilled and relieved to have her back, but what caused this strange situation? Perhaps it was the hubbub of the move. 

"Oftentimes when we have a stressful event like that, we know that animals can seek hiding spots. So, this one just happened to pick the recliner that they were going to donate to Arc," Humphreys told KMGH. "It's not uncommon for us to be called to help remove animals from those situations, but this was a new one." 

Yes, recliners can be dangerous to your pets, so make sure you use them thoughtfully when they're around. Or maybe consider a foot rest?