Raise Your Hand If You and Your Siblings Can Relate to This Kitty Duo's Rivalry

Kat adopted Bo and Go as kittens, and despite being siblings, these two cats have equally adorable (and opposite) personalities!

Like many cat parents, Kat never thought she would be bossed around by a set of adorable kittens, but she quickly learned that these feline family members are really the ones in charge! Kat adopted her kittens, adorably named Bo and Go, when they were tiny—weighing only one pound each at 8 weeks old—and initially thought they were girls until their first vet appointment.

Bo (also known as Jay Catsby) and Go (Mr. Meowgi) are siblings that are equally adorable, but on opposite ends of the personality spectrum. She describes Bo as a "cat-dog"—telling Daily Paws that he is super social, greets you at the door when you get home, and will follow you around the house for scratches. Go on the other hand needs plenty of alone time and enjoys entertaining herself with toys and other fun activities around the house. Like a true introvert, Go has a strict bedtime routine for getting her self-care in—and likes to make sure everyone at home is ready to go upstairs for bed by 8:30 p.m. on the dot.

Bo and Go had been part of Kat's life for 5 years when she met her partner Nate, and she was surprised at how quickly her cats abandoned her once he became their new favorite person. But she says she couldn't be too upset about it, since Nate is one of her favorite humans, too! They both say they can't imagine their home without the joy and happiness that both cats have brought into it.

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