The inadvertent daredevil was appropriately named Bridges.
San Antonio animal care officer holds an orange cat after saving him from ledge above highway overpass
Credit: City of San Antonio Animal Care Services

We all know cats enjoy perching on tall spaces—but this fearless feline inadvertently took his love for heights to the next level. 

On Friday, Animal Care Officers from San Antonio Animal Care Services (ACS) got a 311 call about a cat who was trapped on a ledge above a local overpass. When Animal Care Officer Tutak and Animal Care Sgt. Flores responded to the call, they found the orange cat laying in what's probably not the safest spot—right on the edge of the very tall ledge.  

Because the cat was in a very dangerous situation, the officers "approached with extreme care so as not to spook the cat into jumping from his precarious position," a Facebook post from ACS said. Because of his lounging spot, the cat was appropriately named Bridges.  

Bridges wasn't quite sure of the officers at first (as can be seen by his not-so-welcoming face in the Facebook photos), but he eventually warmed up to them once he realized they were there to help, eventually letting them pick him up and bring him to safety. 

After a successful rescue, the officers took "stunt devil Bridges" to an emergency room for examination because they didn't know how long the daring feline had gone without food and water. The visit brought mostly good news, with Bridges having no major medical issues other than a possible respiratory infection. After his release from the emergency room, the cat arrived at ACS "for further love and care." 

Kaitlan Helton, education specialist at ACS, says the agency actually gets calls like this all the time. Bridges wasn't alone this week, either. Helton says she thinks they've had three "incredible cat rescues"—including one involving the removal of a manhole cover to rescue a cat from the sewer below. 

While Bridges seemed a little irritated in his rescue photos, Helton says the orange boy is actually a really sweet cat and is adjusting well to shelter life. 

"He's actually a really sweet cat. When we saw the photos of how he was on the bridge when he looked like he was a little hissy, clearly he was just really stressed," Helton tells Daily Paws. "When we got him in here, he completely opened up and was a brand new cat." 

More good news might be coming Bridge's way. Helton says they think they have found his family, who will hopefully reunite with their missing cat Thursday.