No human help needed—well, except for bringing the ladder.

Here's a potential new solution for when your cat is stuck in a tree: Just lean the ladder up against the tree and wait for him to come down on his own time. 

That's what happened in London last week, according to the Daily Mail. A cat had been stranded up a tree for two whole days before local firefighters arrived to help. The poor kitty was apparently trapped 25 feet above the ground. 

The firefighters set up the ladder to retrieve the cat, but the feline had no time to waste. Before a human could begin ascending the ladder, the cat climbed down, going rung by rung headfirst until reaching the ground.

A smart representative from the RSPCA, the United Kingdom's largest animal-welfare charity, actually told the firefighters to wait, correctly thinking the ladder itself would do the job. 

"We couldn't believe it," Station Commander Richard Hamilton told the Daily Mail. "I've been in [The Fire Service] more than 25 years and I've never seen a cat do that before.

"...It just ran off without so much as a thank you." 

There are several ways you can retrieve a cat stuck in a tree, and this is one of them. Have a ladder and don't want to, perhaps riskily, cimb up and retrieve your cat? Just lean it up there and see if your cat will do the job for you. (Definitely what I would do. No thanks, heights.) 

Remember, while the fire department was able to respond in this case, you might not always be able to count on firefighters to come retrieve your cat. In the United States, fire departments will often pass on those calls because they need to be on duty to rescue humans.