A Cat That Was Born Missing an Eye and Nostril Was Just Adopted Into a Home With a One-Eyed Sibling

These kitty siblings are now a matched set.

cat with one eye gets adopted
Photo: Courtesy of Fairfield Area Humane Society

Little Eggbert didn't have to wait long at all to find a forever home and a very special sibling.

Highlighted in a Feb. 23 Facebook post from the Fairfield Area Humane Society in Lancastaster, Ohio, the gray-and-white tabby was born without a left eye or nostril. However, "aside from snoring like a chainsaw, it doesn't slow him down a bit!" the society wrote. (His other interests include head-butts, chin scratches, and following his owners around.)

The 2-year-old kitty's original family found that he was also prone to seizures as he grew. Fearing he had epilepsy, they surrendered him to the Humane Society.

"They were concerned that they wouldn't be able to take care of his medical needs," Fairfield Area Humane Society Clinic Manager Gabby McClintock tells Daily Paws. "We haven't seen any seizures from him and our examination didn't reveal any issues, but if the seizures return then medication will be required to help control them."

Happily, the Humane Society ruled that Eggbert was healthy, with McClintock saying that he's able to run and play without any complications or issues. Not only is that good news for Eggbert himself, but it's also very good news for his new mom because it did not take long at all for Eggbert to find a forever home.

His status was updated to "adoption pending" the Friday following the Facebook post—just two days later. Among the comments on the post was one from Holly Starr with a photo of her own one-eyed kitty. "OMG I need him!!!!," the comment reads. "We have Lark from you guys!"

McClintock was able to confirm that Starr did indeed come in and adopt little Eggbert.

"[Lark] had been with us for quite a while before [Starr] came in and adopted him," she says. "She's got experience in caring for a cat with special needs so she was a natural fit for Eggbert and we were really pleased that she was interested in taking him home."

Now, the happy little cat has a loving forever home, a new, similarly one-eyed sibling, and can look forward to a life full of love and happiness.

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