A Pittsburgh animal shelter’s longest resident finally has his forever home.
happy black lab
Credit: Courtesy of Animal Friends

The Pittsburgh Animal Friends shelter's longest resident, a beautiful black Lab mix named Capone, has finally found his forever family. The 10-year-old senior pooch with big, dark eyes made his way to the Pennsylvania shelter in November 2017, where he ended up staying for a heart-rending 1,134 days. 

Last week, the pup's patience finally paid off. Capone's foster family decided to make their bond official and adopt the pup into their family after several weeks with him in their home as part of the shelter's foster-to-adopt program. The organization posted a cheerful celebration message for Capone on the Animal Friends Facebook account, writing "Good things come to those who wait." We couldn't agree more.

During the three years Capone spent at the shelter, this good boy gained a number of fans in the form of staff, volunteers, and friends on social media rooting for him to find his perfect match. Animal Friends spokesperson Cody Hoellerman told Daily Paws that Capone is "very sweet and cuddly with his close friends," and that even though the pup was hard of hearing and had reduced sight, he "absolutely loves enrichment activities that require him to sniff for food or treats." Although he's far from a rambunctious puppy, Capone is a very active 10-year-old dog with a penchant for tennis balls and obedience training. The shelter compiled a heartwarming video of some of their memories with the pup that show off his skills and love for enrichment games. Smart boy, Capone!

Hoellerman says Capone's medical and behavioral challenges made it tough to find just the right home for the dog, since the shelter recommended he be placed with an adult family with no children or other pets. "Sadly, Capone had several adopters interested over the years, but for one reason or another, things fell through." This is unfortunately a common theme for pets who have special needs, especially for older animals who are overlooked in favor of younger puppies and kittens. 

Thankfully, Capone finally has a home to show off all those sniffing skills he mastered at the shelter. His new family told the rescue group that as the pooch settled into a routine, they were able to get to know Capone's true personality outside the stress of the shelter. From the looks of it, Capone is getting lots of love and snuggles with his new crew—and some quality bonding time together on the couch!

We're thrilled Capone gets to spend the holidays with his loving new pet parents. If you've been thinking about adding a furry friend to your family, sites like Adopt a Pet and PetFinder can help you find a dog (or cat, or bunny, or pig…) who needs a home near you.