Boo Boo is thriving and we couldn't ask for more.

Boo Boo the 12-pound, one-eyed shih tzu had a bit of a rough start to life—she was abused and abandoned in an alleyway before Perfect Pet Rescue, a rescue organization in LA picked her up. And when Henri came across her at an adoption event, Boo Boo immediately jumped into Henri's lap. And this adorable little snaggle-toothed pup made her choice!

It all started when Henri heard that Boo Boo was having trouble finding a home. The animal lover figured she could foster the dog for a week while the rescue organization continued to try and find her a forever home. At first, Henri tells Daily Paws that she felt totally unprepared for helping an abused dog adjust to a loving home.

It wasn't overnight, but Henri says that with plenty of attention and care, Boo adjusted to walking on a leash and curling up in one of her many dog beds at home. These days, Boo loves to show off a new outfit, ranging from her yellow raincoat (complete with boots!) to a Fair Isle Christmas sweater after helping Henri pick out the perfect tree.

This little pup loves to smile and wiggle, and has even traveled to 15 states with her human—so it's safe to say she's living her best doggo life. Henri often wonders who rescued who... but she's confident it goes both ways for her and Boo Boo!