Between showing off his impressive yodeling skills and striking a pose on the 'catwalk', Biscuit is a very talented cat.

Biscuit is a rescue cat that's been part of Amy and Tom's family for about ten years, and this chatty cat is 100 percent New Yorker. Tom, Amy's partner, tells Daily Paws they first came across Biscuit while walking in their neighborhood of Park Slope, Brooklyn. At that very first moment, he knew that Biscuit just had to come home with him... and it's been a feline adventure ever since!

Fast forward a few years to when Amy and Tom got married, which is when Biscuit united with his new stepbrother cat, Gus. Since they're both born and bred New York kitties, they do their best to tolerate each other!

When Biscuit isn't sleeping, his pet parents say he "lives for" a good meal (honestly, same). This little cutie also enjoys expressing himself through his unique take on yodeling—quite an impressive skill for a cat to show off! But that's not all—despite not having opposable thumbs, Biscuit really loves trying to open doors, especially when Tom is coming home.

As if all those talents weren't enough, Amy says one of her favorite activities to do with Biscuit is a fashion photoshoot. Apparently this little rescue cat has some impeccable style that he likes to show off. Whether it's an adorable Halloween costume to soft, stylish cashmere scarves, Biscuit loves expressing his inner diva! Amy says that it's clear Biscuit has a unique personality, and she loves seeing him evolve and express himself as he gets older. Who knows—maybe this kitty has a future in high fashion. We'll keep our fingers crossed for a runway premier sometime soon!