His ex-partner told him the cat he'd adopted in 2015 had died more than four years ago.

We rarely get to tell tales from beyond the grave, so you'll want to stay tuned for this story.

(OK, just kinda.) 

More than four years after Arkansas man Butch Meister was told his cat, Captain, had died, here was a veterinarian in Kerrville, Texas, trying to get ahold of him to deliver the biggest "well, actually…" news ever. 

That's right. Captain is alive! CBS Austin reports that while Meister was deployed overseas as a member of the military, his ex-partner told him Captain had died. (Meister had adopted the cat in 2015.)

Black and white cat portrait
Credit: Mathias Schneider / Getty

Apparently, two kids found Captain on the side of the road and took him to .AWS Freeman-Fritts Animal Shelter & Clinic. There, veterinarian Shelby Key scanned for a microchip

Surprise! The chip brought up Meister's information, though she had to take to social media to find him because he had since moved away to Little Rock, Ark. (There, folks, is approximately reason No. 5 million to microchip your pet.) 

Now, the shelter is working on a way to get Captain back to his owner after he did his best Jon Snow or Bart Bass impression. Where was he all this time? CBS Austin reports the shelter staff saw him with a pack of feral cats near Kerrville's Whataburger. 

While we're glad he was likely able to enjoy some excellent burgers, he's now thankfully on his way home, according to a Facebook post Monday from AWS Freeman-Fritts.

According to the post, Captain was set to secure a flight from San Antonio to Little Rock, where he will finally reunite with his long-lost dad. Hooray!