The officer needed a way to quickly carry all the newborn puppies out, so he piled them into a metal food bowl.
police save puppies from house fire
Credit: Dina Vozdvizhenskaya / EyeEm / Getty

Police in Arizona braved a burning home in the early hours Monday, saving seven crying puppies who were only feet away from the flames—all in a tense rescue recorded on a body camera.

The quick-thinking Glendale Police Department officers pried open the garage door before finding the puppies toward the rear of the garage. With the very tiny dogs in front of him, the officer wearing the body camera piled them all into a food bowl and carried them out. 

According to KSAZ, police and firefighters arrived at the Glendale home around 1:30 a.m. The attic was on fire, and flames had burned through the roof, reaching the rear of the garage. In the body-camera footage, you can hear the squealing puppies—who might only be a few weeks or days old—from behind the garage door.  

The rescue began with the camera-wearing officer using a shovel to pry open the garage door. (Off-camera, the mother dog ran out of the burning structure, a city spokesman told KSAZ.) 

After determining the dogs were inside, the officers headed in, navigating around an all-terrain vehicle before finding the puppies. In a matter of seconds, the officer gathered all the puppies and put them in the large metal food bowl that still had a layer of kibble at its bottom. The bowl of pups then enjoyed their ride outside to safety. 

Authorities rescued two other dogs who were outside in the backyard, KSAZ reported. Investigators have yet to determine the cause of the fire. 

The mother dog, who looks to be a 2-year-old Siberian husky, met her pups outside. Some of the young dogs inhaled too much smoke, so authorities placed oxygen masks over their snouts before the canine family was taken to a veterinarian.  

"Just seeing that footage for the first time, I would never have expected any of those animals to make it," Enrico Carluen, DVM, of Arizona Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Center told KSAZ. "I do expect them to continue to do well and make it out of the hospital."

While the rescue was quite heroic, the Glendale Fire Department warned against going into a burning building to retrieve your pets. Leave that to the pros.