The 9-month-old pup had gotten a tragic start to life, but she’s in the safe and loving arms of her new family just in time for the holidays.

An injured dog whose young life somehow got off to a very wrong start is now recovering in the warmth of her new adoptive family's arms. The 9-month-old Labrador retriever, a pup named Tammi, arrived at the San Antonio Humane Society (SAHS) in November. After an examination, staff believed she'd been shot and hit by a car before being brought in. An X-ray taken revealed that she had a fractured pelvis and more than 70 shotgun pellets in her body.

Tammi was in dire need of medical attention and love when she arrived at the rescue organization Nov. 2, and veterinarians at SAHS immediately got to work to help the pup. She underwent a specialized surgery to repair a pelvic fracture and restore her mobility. Once she was out of surgery, Tammi headed to her foster family to recuperate outside the stress of the kennel. The organization shared the pup's heartbreaking story on Facebook in an effort to help find the dog a new home, and while the post advised potential adopters that Tammi would still need some rehab as she continues to recover, the response was immediate.

The post generated interest from several folks who expressed interest in giving the sweet young dog a home, and even made its way onto PEOPLE. In a statement, SAHS Associate Veterinarian Dr. Traci Gilbert described the youngster as "young and a bit shy, but I'm sure she would love an active family once she gets her strength back."

One lucky couple stepped up to help Tammi continue her recovery—this time in the form of a family she'll be able to call hers forever. On Dec. 17, SAHS shared that Tammi's next step would be with her new family, who told SAHS they were instantly drawn to the bright-eyed retriever.

In the post, Tammi's new adoptive mom said the pup had adjusted well to life outside the shelter. "She was shy at the shelter, but as soon as she walked through our doors, she was different. She was really excited and I think she's enjoying us just as much as we've needed her. We're really glad to have her."

We're so thankful to know Tammi is heading into the new year with a wonderful, loving home. We can't wait to see what kind of adventures she has with her forever family in the years to come!