It was "love at first sight" for him and his new family.
Senior dog, Ty, standing in grass; old dog gets new home
Credit: Courtesy of Dogs Trust

A 22-year-old dog, the oldest pup his rescue organization ever cared for, has found a new, loving home in Great Britain, and it's a fabulous way to celebrate National Adopt a Senior Pet Month

Ty, a Staffordshire bull terrier and Dalmatian mix, arrived at Dogs Trust's facility in Bridgend, Wales, in August when his family could no longer care for him, according to a news release. But like most of us in our early 20s, he still had plenty of life to live. 

Bruno de Brito and Lee Szopa, who live in Penarth, soon—semi-inadvertently—found Ty. They already had two dogs, Gizmo, a 6-year-old Chihuahua mix, and Fizz, a 15-year-old Staffy. Szopa's mother sent them Ty's online profile. She was trying to assure Szopa that Fizz could have many years left. 

"That had unintended consequences," de Brito said in the news release. "As soon as we read about Ty we knew we wanted to go and see him and find out if we could give him the new home he deserved." 

They went to see him, bringing Gizmo and Fizz along to meet their potential new brother. It went splendidly, and they brought their new dog home, where Ty is enjoying his golden years after a brief adjustment period. 

"It was love at first sight, for all of us!" de Brito said.

He's become "inseparable" with Fizz—they sleep next to each other—and acts like a lively puppy when he's out on walks, de Brito said. But the smiley guy with a gray muzzle is old enough to know what he wants. 

"He can be a stubborn old gent, so if we're out on a walk and planning to go one way but Ty wants to go the other, we tend to go the other," de Brito said in the news release. "He makes us laugh and we are so glad we could give him a home. He's brilliant." 

Adopting an older dog might not sound as exciting as bringing home a new puppy, but dogs like Ty prove they can still bring plenty of joy and love to our lives. (And you might not even have to worry about training them too much.) 

"It is always fantastic when our dogs find their perfect family, but when it's an older dog it's very special," Melissa Cook, assistant manager at Dogs Trust Bridgend, said. "Given Ty's age, how we felt to see him head off with Bruno and Lee and his new doggy family is beyond words."