Adoption & Rescue Stories

Today's agenda: Wake up, read heartwarming stories about animals that are too good for this world, nap, snacks, go to bed, repeat. Read about adoption and rescue stories sure to make you squeeze Charlie and Whiskers a little tighter today.

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Watch This Professional Football Player Trudge Through Dangerous, Icy Floodwaters to Rescue Stranded Dogs
When Brady Oliveira isn't playing for the CFL's Winnipeg Blue Bombers, he spends his time rescuing dogs in his home province of Manitoba.
Watch Rescuers Dig to Save a Terrier Who'd Been Buried Underground for 56 Hours
Flossie had traveled down a rabbit hole and gotten stuck for more than two days before rescuers pried her out.

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Equipped With a Tasty Sausage Roll, Rescuers Extract Missing Pup From 20-Foot Deep Fissure

Henry's poor owners thought he was dead, but coastguard rescuers were able to find him and reel the dog back to safety.