Adoption & Rescue Stories

Today's agenda: Wake up, read heartwarming stories about animals that are too good for this world, nap, snacks, go to bed, repeat. Read about adoption and rescue stories sure to make you squeeze Charlie and Whiskers a little tighter today.

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Connecticut Veteran Collects Scrap Metal to Feed Stray Cats

A retired U.S. Army veteran is still on an important decades-long mission: to feed and care for dozens of stray cats in his city.

Rescue Dog Helps Navy Veteran Find Peace, Inspires Him to Help Others

"Shai has given me a quality of life that I had lost," Navy veteran Damian said of the rescue pooch that became his service dog.

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‘Just Absolute Magic’: Texas Rescue Offers Space, Healing for Special-Needs Animals

“We rescue the animals that need us, then they turn around and rescue the children that need them even more!”