What the Fluff?

Our experts are here to answer all those hard-to-ask questions about the silly, gross, or just plain mystifying things our pets do.

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Why Do Dogs Roll Around in Stinky Stuff?

Whether's it's freshly mowed grass or a sun-baked dead squirrel, dogs love to go belly up in all kinds of scents.

How Do Cats REALLY Feel About Water?

Not every cat hates water but we look at three reasons why your cat might not ever be water loving.

Why Do Dogs Tilt Their Heads?

There’s more to this behavior than making your dog look impossibly adorable. Here are four possible reasons your dog might be showing you his head tilt.

Why Do Cats Headbutt?

While it feels a bit like a tiny World Wide Wrestling move, headbutting from your cat is actually called head bunting. And it's all about spreading scent. Here are the reasons your cat may be trying to leave an impression on you.

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