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Our experts are here to answer all those hard-to-ask questions about the silly, gross, or just plain mystifying things our pets do.

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Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere (Including the Bathroom)?
If it seems like your kitty is attached at your hip, you're not alone. A lot of cats follow their humans wherever they go, but the reasons behind this behavior may surprise you.
Why Do Dogs' Feet Smell Like Fritos?
Excuse me, did I just get a whiff of corn chips coming from my dog's paws or are these just hunger cravings?
Do Dogs Dream? And If So, What Do They Dream About?
You might be surprised about what your pupper is up to when his peaceful slumber suddenly turns into a twitching, noisy sleep cycle.
Why Do Cats Loaf? 4 Theories About This Adorable Legs-Tucked-Under Position
Kitty loaf, cat bread loaf, cat loafing. There’s nothing cuter than seeing your cat tuck into this squishy position with their front and back legs hidden beneath their bodies.
Why Do Dogs Roll Around in Stinky Stuff?
Whether's it's freshly mowed grass or a sun-baked dead squirrel, dogs love to go belly up in all kinds of scents.

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