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Our experts are here to answer all those hard-to-ask questions about the silly, gross, or just plain mystifying things our pets do.

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Why Does My Cat Sleep on My Head and Face?
Ready for some pillow talk? Learn why your cat likes to use your noggin for napping.
Why Does My Cat Eat My Hair?
Cat got your hair? Let's comb through the reasons why your kitty may have developed a very literal taste for licking, chewing, and even eating your mouthwatering mane.
Why Does My Cat Stare at Me?
If you wake up to your cat staring down at you, don't worry—he's not plotting your demise.
Why Does My Cat Sound Like a Pigeon?
If you don't speak cat, you're in luck. Our feline behavior expert is here to translate.
Why Do Cats Bury Their Poop?
Cleanliness is next to catliness, but this instinct is actually rooted in survival—not sanitation.
Why Do Cats Bring You Dead Animals?
It could be endearing if it wasn't so gross, but its not your cat's fault she doesn't know what gifts you like!

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