Traveling with Pets

Bon voyage! Whether you’re taking a cross country road trip with man’s best friend or flying in a plane with your feline, there are ways to make traveling with your pets a little easier.

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Inside the World's First Luxury Hotel for Dogs

At Urban Mutts in London's West End, the staff practices acupuncture, massage, and reiki, and room service is available around the clock.

20 Top Dog-Friendly Vacation Destinations for You and Your Best Travel Buddy

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Americans Would Rather Fly Next To a Pet Rather Than a Baby, Survey Says

The majority of people who responded to the ValuePenguin survey also said they'd pay extra if that meant they could fly with their pet—some even hundreds of dollars more!

The Most Dog-Friendly Cities in the World

These cities lead the pack in providing a great quality of life for urban dogs and the people who love and care for them.

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U.S. Airlines Have Begun Banning Emotional Support Animals

So far, seven U.S. airlines have banned ESAs after new federal rules allowed them to do so.