Pet Parent Playbook

Every season brings new challenges for raising happy, healthy dogs and cats. Here's a rundown of the most important tools and tips you need right now.

The Dog Days of Summer

3 Things to Consider Before You Take Your Dog Boating

Sharing your favorite pastime with your pooch can make for fun summer days with some practice and safety top-of-mind.

Surf's SUP, Dog! Here's the Best Way to Teach Your Dog to Surf or Stand-up Paddle Board With You

Why “Hang 10” when hanging 16 is even better? With their low center of gravity, your dog can make for a great surfing or SUP boarding companion this summer.

How to Safely Start Running With Your Dog

Here are all of the tips, tricks, and equipment you’ll need before making your pup your regular running companion.

The Best Gear For All Your Summer Adventures

Help! Why Did My Dog’s Black Nose Turn Pink?

Snow nose is a purely cosmetic condition that causes a dog’s nose to temporarily or permanently turn pink. While we don’t know what causes it, affected dogs lead perfectly normal, healthy lives.