Pet Parent Playbook

Every season brings new challenges for raising happy, healthy dogs and cats. Here’s a rundown of the most important tools and tips you need right now.

Cold Weather Safety Tips

Do Cats Get Cold? How to Keep Your Cat Warm This Winter 

Though cats are pretty adaptable animals, they can be susceptible to dangerous health conditions like hypothermia and frostbite if exposed to temps that dip too low.

Winter Is Coming: Keep Your Pet and Your Driveway Safe With These Pet-Safe Ice Melts

The ice melt that keeps you safe in wintery weather could harm dogs and cats who come into contact with it. Find out which pet-safe ice melts are the best choice to use this winter.

The 16 Best Dog Breeds for Cold Weather Climates

These cold weather dogs will bring warmth (and sometimes a lot of fur) into your home all year-round.

Products to Keep Your Pets Warm This Winter

The 7 Best Heated Dog Houses to Keep Your Pup Warm and Cozy All Winter

Give your precious pup a toasty place to relax this winter.