To the people who would rather stay home and watch a show with your pet, we see you.
couple watching a movie with their dog; what to watch with your dog
Credit: Aja Koska / Getty

January can be a hard month to navigate. The excitement of the holidays is over, the cold temperatures and gray skies are sticking around, and you're trying to figure out how you—and your pet—can keep yourselves occupied until spring.

After you've exhausted the outdoor winter activities to do together and even tried out some indoor games when it's too cold to go outside, snuggle up for a movie night on the couch with your favorite pet and stream one of these new shows or movies—and don't forget the popcorn.

Some of the shows and movies described below involve pets (or wild animals) and some don't, but we know your pet will be content enough to just spend time bonding with their favorite human on the couch no matter what's playing. Here are seven new shows and movies coming to our favorite streaming services this month.


Dog Gone

Release date: Jan. 13

Based on a true story, Dog Gone follows a man and his son on a mission to find their dog who's lost on the Appalachian Trail. Make sure your dog is next to you at all times while watching this one—something tells me we're going to need to give them lots of hugs and pets throughout the movie.

That '90s Show, Season 1

Release date: Jan. 19

So this one doesn't have any pets directly in the show, but how could we not include this much-anticipated revival of That '70s Show? Your pet will still love to snuggle with you on the couch as you watch as much as you can in one sitting. I will mainly be watching to see a grown-up Donna, Eric, Fez, Kelso, and Jackie and hoping this revival does my favorite decade justice.


How I Met Your Father, Season 2

Release date: Jan. 24

The spin-off series of How I Met Your Mother is back for another season, this time with 20 episodes. The show follows Hilary Duff and her friends as they navigate life in today's world as 30-somethings, with a few nods to the original series.



Release date: Jan. 12

Mindy Kaling's Scooby-Doo spin-off Velma is an adult-oriented version of the group's high school years (before they became those meddling kids). Although we've heard the show doesn't include Scooby-Doo as a main character, we're still hoping for a cameo or nod to the famous Great Dane.

Apple TV+

Servant, Season 4

I personally hate scary movies and shows like this, so I will be sitting this one out, but if you are a fan of the psychological horror genre, it seems like the comfort of a pet watching next to you is a good idea.


Poker Face

Release date: Jan. 26

A new detective show? This is one I will definitely be watching. This show follows Charlie, a woman who has the ability to tell if someone is lying, making her the perfect person to solve a new crime each week. Because it's from the creator of Knives Out and Glass Onion, I have high hopes for this one.


Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdom

Release date: Jan. 4

Disney adults: this is your chance to let your experience the magic of Disney. Narrated by the beloved Disney favorite Josh Gad (Olaf from Frozen), Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdom gives viewers a front-row seat to the Animal Kingdom and EPCOT theme parks to meet the 5,000+ animals who call the parks home and the animal care experts who bond with and care for them.