There are very few situations where we don't want to see our pets. This is one of them.
French bulldog lays under bed covers next to couple's feet
Credit: Robert Daly / Getty Images

Look, we all love our pets, especially on Valentine's Day. But there's a specific part of the holiday when pet parents really, really don't want to see their best friends. 

Unfortunately, that's not happening for some pet owners. According to a new survey from pet-sitting service Rover, 51 percent of American pet parents say their pets have interrupted intimate time with a romantic partner. Apparently, these dogs and cats are simply eating the sock on the door rather than figuring out what it means. 

Obviously, our dogs and cats have no idea what you're doing in there. They just want to hang out with their parents or meet their owner's new good-looking friend. It's not their fault they don't know what a sneaky link is.

(Side note: This has to mean someone has an unfortunate, hilarious story of bringing a date home only for Rupert the mastiff to Kool-Aid Man through a half-latched door and spoil the mood. Sorry if you are that someone.) 

Jokes aside, it's definitely an issue for some pet parents. According to Rover's 1,000-person online survey, 42 percent of pet owners say they would have more opportunities for romantic intimacy if their pet wouldn't interrupt.

No doubt with that in mind, 21 percent of respondents said they'd booked a pet-care service specifically to keep their pet from interrupting their date-night plans. It's the pet version of first-year college students telling their roommates to get lost for half an hour. 

Private time with a partner (sexual or otherwise) is necessary for a healthy relationship, and—jokes aside, again—it sounds like it can get rare when you own a Velcro dog or cat. So if you're looking for that kind of solution, Rover is now offering $30 off any service for first-time users with the coupon code TAKEBACKTHEBED. The deal runs from Feb. 14 to March 14. 

Need a lower-cost option? Fill that KONG up with peanut butter and lob it into a faraway room or hallway.