Prepare to fall in love with pug Mochi and his chihuahua brothers, Huey and Duey.

cartoon pug with head in bowl
Credit: @157ofgemma on Instagram

If you’re not already following @157ofgemma on Instagram, your feed is missing out. There, Gemma Gené illustrates life with her sweet pug, Mochi, and it’s just as sweet and silly as you’d think.

There’s Mochi’s need for massages. And his three-part adventure where he tried to reunite with his friend Ben at the park? Or how he, uh, claims Gené’s partner’s pillow? Gené’s comics have it all. 

The roly-poly dog’s origins aren’t as adorable, however. After she was given Mochi, Gené learned that he had come from a puppy mill. Since then, they’ve fought against puppy mills.  

“Animals that are sold in pet stores, or in many of the stores that don't offer adoption of rescue animals, usually come from puppy mills where animals are abused all their lives to produce babies,” she says. “It's important to think of them and their needs before our own desires. Each dog, cat, or any other animal has different needs, and finding the right pet for the right family is a crucial factor in preventing abandonment.” 

Passion for this cause led Gené to adopt Mochi’s siblings, the Twinchis (Huey and Duey), who are puppy mill rescue pups too. Gené originally planned to foster them over the holidays three years ago, but she instead opted to keep them forever. They’re often featured in the comics, too, including the time the three of them split a pizza.   

“I have no idea how that happened, but I caught them on the floor, with a pizza box open, casually eating,” Gené says. 

She says Mochi’s followers have created a “beautiful community.” Where’s a dog owner who can’t relate to their pup deciding which guest to beg from? The fame of more than 323,000 followers has been surprising, too. Mochi even met another famous Insta dog, Popeye.  

“It has been beautiful to see people really caring [about] and loving my dogs and showing so much kindness and support,” Gené says.

Those fans must feel like they know Mochi well, now. The pug is the epitome of laid back and is Gené’s shadow, but he’s also sassy. 

“He basically spends all his day sleeping,” she says. “He loves everyone in the world and enjoys people's attention so much.” 

Gené has authored a book in Spanish called Mi vida con Mochi (My Life With Mochi) and is currently working on her second book, which will come out in English in 2021. This new book will have mostly new comics and it will have one storyline. “I can't wait for people to read it because it is a very special book full of fun and cuteness,” she says.

“In everything we share, we try to bring humor and cuteness to the world,” she adds. “We also want to promote kindness to all animals and responsible pet ownership.”