Jonathan Graziano, the 14-year-old pug's owner, announced his passing over the weekend.
man testing his pug for a bones or no bones day
Credit: Courtesy of jongraz / TikTok

Noodle, the pug who captivated TikTok by determining when it was a Bones or No Bones day, has died at age 14. 

His owner, Jonathan Graziano, announced the sad news on TikTok over the weekend. Noodle passed away at home in Graziano's arms. 

"This is incredibly sad," he said. "It's incredibly difficult. It's a day that I always knew was coming but never thought would arrive." 

Noodle rose to viral fame last year, attracting millions upon millions of viewers who looked to the pug to tell them what kind of day it would be. Each day, Graziano would position Noodle into a sitting position for a "reading." If Noodle remained seated, it was a Bones Day. If he slow-fell back into a napping position, it was a No Bones Day

Bones Days are for getting things done, taking on new challenges, and trying your best. No Bones Days are for taking a break, recharging, and self-care. All Bones Days (or Super Bones Days) might sound like the ideal existence—to some people who aren't me—but for each one of those, you need a No Bones Day. You gotta take care of yourself, as Noodle reminded us every few days. 

People frequently sought bone-based guidance via TikTok comments into 2022, and Graziano offered Noodle's readings through the summer (while even writing a Noodle book). But in the fall, he announced the readings would appear less often because Noodle was getting older and simply needed some extra attention each morning. 

"My job first and foremost is to take care of him and to take my cues from him to the best of my abilities," he said in an Oct. 10 video, offering up advice every single one of us should follow. 

After hearing of Noodle's passing, pet owners on TikTok posted their tributes to the pug. A chalk artist even created a rather stunning portrait. The remembrances also served as salutes to Graziano, who sure seemed to be a model of loving pet ownership.  

Rest easy, Noodle. We'll miss you.