Pet & Owner Relationships

Your pet is one of your primary companions in life. And your bond with your pet is an unconditional relationship you can count on no matter what. Learn how to better understand the extraordinary relationships between pet owners and our furry friends and why we can’t help but love them so much.

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Who Saved Who? The Joy of Owning a Special Needs Pet

From pets with physical disabilities to those with anxiety, we're exploring the unique joys and challenges special needs pets bring to our lives—they just need you to open your heart and your home.

How to Comfort Someone After Their Pet Dies

Here’s what you can do—and what you shouldn’t do—for your friend grieving the death of a dog or cat.

When Am I Considered an ‘Experienced’ Dog Owner?

If you’ve had these six experiences, you might be ready for just about any breed of dog.

How to Introduce a Dog to a Cat

Depending on the breed, age, and personality, some dogs won’t give a cat a second glance, yet others, especially those with a high prey drive, will need more patience and training to make a match happen.

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How To Introduce Cats To New Family Members

Create positive associations with the new person or pet to help make a smooth transition for all.

Those Annoying Political Signs Are Getting the Best Pup-grade

Political yard signs used in the recent campaigns of President Trump, President-Elect Joe Biden, and other candidates are being repurposed to widen the search for lost animals.