Pet-Friendly Home

Getting a pet is an exciting time, and making sure your home is set up to accommodate both you and your pet's needs is important to cohabiting peacefully. Use these tips and advice for ensuring a comfortable, pet-friendly home you'll both love.

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This DIY cat tree has everything your kitty desires—rungs to climb, a cradle for lounging, and a cave for hiding. Our building plans show you step-by-step how to create this cat-tastic climbing structure.

How to Build a Catio for Your Cats: What You Need and What You Need to Know

We’ve got all the catio know-how that will help you plan and build a safe outdoor enclosure for your feline friend.

Can You Compost Dog Waste? Here’s What To Do With All That Poo

Thinking about composting to cut down on all those plastic bags? It’s possible—but takes time, patience, and know-how to produce a safe and usable compost.

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