Pet Costs

We love our pets, but sometimes new owners can underestimate the regular cost of having a pet. Check out these tips to help you budget for a pet and consider all the (potentially unexpected) pet costs you're likely to incur over their lifetime.

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How Much Does It Cost to Spay or Neuter a Cat?

When you’re budgeting to adopt a cat, don’t forget to include the cost of a spay or neuter procedure. This one-time expense is important for your kitty’s health and happiness, and to prevent overpopulation.

Understanding the Cost of Pet Insurance

Get the facts to help you decide if pet insurance is worth it for your cat or dog, and then choose the kind of coverage that will be best for you.

How Much Does It Cost to Microchip Your Dog?

Microchips were designed to reunite pets and their owners in a simple, safe way. But is the peace of mind worth the expense?

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Everything You Need to Know About The Cost of a Vet Visit

Nobody wants a surprise cost at a vet visit. Here are insights into what’s covered at various vet visits, and how much each vet visit will cost.

How Much Does Dog Euthanasia Cost?

No pet owner wants to think about having to put their dog to sleep, but sadly, it’s a reality many will have to face.

How to Save Money on Pet Care

Check out these smart ideas for keeping both your pet and your bank account healthy and happy.