No cat is exactly the same, even ones of the same color! These white cat breeds boast unique characteristics that make them one of a kind.

By Sarah Gerrity
August 24, 2020

Whether you’re in search of the rare, true white cats that lack any melanin pigmentation, or simply love the look of a light gray or white cat, there are several breeds that allow for all white or mostly white cats. Either way, these milky white and gray cats can be found in a variety of patterns, personalities, and coat lengths that make for a gorgeous feline friend. Read on to see which one is for you!

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An intentional hybrid between domestic cats and the Asian leopard, Bengals have beautiful, leopard-like spots, marblings, and rosettes of various colors—often with an orange tint as the base—the Snow Lynx Bengal is a variation of the breed, which comes in a creamy white base with light and dark seal markings. They are one of the larger cat breeds, and tend to be very active and playful, so having a large space for them to explore is a must!

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This highly social and playful cat has a beautiful medium-length, silky coat that doesn’t mat. Birman cats are medium to large in size, and come in a variety of colors—often white or cream colored coats with vibrant blue, expressive eyes.

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British shorthair cats are known for their round faces and fluffy, thick coats that make them very popular. They are found in blue, white, black, cream, and orange tabby colors. The thickness of their coats requires some maintenance with grooming, as the cats themselves are fairly reserved and low key. On the other hand, they are highly affectionate, which makes them a great companion!

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Primarily known as a silver and white breed, Egyptian Mau cats are usually white in color with darker stripes and spots. They have short hair, and appear muscular—Egyptian Mau cats will need an environment that offers plenty of space to roam and exercise.

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This sweet, affectionate kitty enjoys calm and quiet environments. Himalayan cats tend to have lighter color bodies (often white coats) with darker face and tail fur. They resemble Persian cats, with a large, round head, short ears, and a short nose. Fun fact: Their eyes only come in blue!

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This medium-size cat tends to have medium-length, silky fur, and is usually found in lighter colors and shadings, like white, gray, and cream. Ragdoll cats are affectionate, smart, and playful, and enjoy cuddling in laps and snuggling in bed. They’re known for being quite comfortable in the arms of their owners, get their names from the adorable way they collapse into the arms of the person holding them.

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This playful, highly social, yet slightly mischievous cat breed enjoys playing fetch, and lives an average of 15 to 18 years. On the smaller size, Japanese bobtails rarely weigh more than ten pounds, and come in a variety of colors and patterns—notably white and cream colors with interesting markings. They are one of the oldest cat breeds around, and are believed to bring good luck and prosperity.

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These gentle giants can weigh up to 16 pounds, and enjoy jumping around and exploring their environment. Norwegian forest cats are usually very friendly and social with their owners, but less so with guests. These cats don’t necessarily need a ton of attention, as they’re content to entertain themselves and simply be in the same room as their owners and other pets. You can find them in a variety of colors, including white, orange, and shades of gray and black.

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These long-haired cats have a distinctly adorable round face, are usually friendly, and favorite pastimes include sunbathing throughout the day. They boast a long history with humans, and are said to have been imported to Italy from Iran around 1620. Persian cats can be found in many colors, including white, gray, orange, and brown.

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On the smaller side, the Cornish rex is known for its distinctive appearance: with large eyes, bat-like ears, and curly short hair, these felines will act like playful kittens throughout their lives. They love to climb and sprint, and tend to stick close to their humans. They’re found in a variety of colors, including white, black, orange, brown, and gray—and often have a variety of patterns and markings.

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These unique looking cats have the same body type and personality as the Persian cat, but without the long hair—and therefore, have a fraction of the maintenance needs. The Exotic shorthair has a beautiful, dense coat that can be found in white, black, orange, and cream colors. Her sweet personality and friendliness makes her a favorite breed.

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This elegant, distinctive cat has a sleek body with large ears and almond eyes. You can find them in many colors, including shades of brown, cream, ginger, and white, with a variety of patterns and markings. Oriental shorthair cats form strong bonds with their owners, and enjoy lots of affection. 

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The Turkish Angora is another cat with a rich history as a companion animal, and is said to have been domesticated as early as the 17th century in the Ankara region of Turkey. Their long fur coat requires a fair amount of grooming, and they have a tendency to shed. But don’t let their fur turn you away—Turkish Angora cats are playful, affectionate, and loyal. They can be found in white, black, and red, with various shadings and patterns.

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This beautiful cat is well-known for having a lovely white body and darker markings on its head and plumed tail. Turkish Van cats are very sweet and affectionate, curious to see what their humans are up to, and are always ready to snuggle into their owners’ lap for a cat nap. You can find Turkish Van breeds in several colors, ranging from red and white to black blue, and a patchwork combination of several colors.

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The Siamese cat has one of the more unique reputations of all the cat breeds, and are known for being incredibly intelligent and talkative. Their white bodies have darker brown colorings along the face, ears, paws, and tails. They’re active cats and enjoy playing with humans and other pets, just as much as they enjoy curling up in their owners lap or bed.