10 Small Cat Breeds That Look Like Cuddly Kittens Forever

Short legs, little faces, and tiny bodies are just some of the adorable attributes of these mini kitties.

Kittens are the cutest and while every one of them grows up (much too fast!), some breeds stay petite even as adults. Small cats are adorable and have just as much personality as their larger counterparts. Plus, they're perfect for any home that's short on space. Check out these small cat breeds that'll win over your heart.

World's Smallest Cat Breed: Singapura

Singapura cat
Though they're small, Singapuras have big personalities and an immense love for their humans.
| Credit: Viktoras / Adobe Stock

The smallest cat breed in the world, the Singapura may be half the size of the average cat (as little as 4 pounds!) but he has a big presence. This tiny breed is active and affectionate and wants to know what everybody's doing all the time. The friendly breed is ideal for families with kids and other pets because the last thing the Singapura wants is to be left alone.

Best Small Cat Breed for Kids: Burmese Cat

brown european burmese cat looking at camera
A Burmese cat's big, round, gold eyes always seem to be looking up at you and asking, "do you want to play?"
| Credit: Vladimir Fedorov / Getty

Looking for a cat that can keep your kiddos entertained? For a feline, the Burmese breed is outgoing and extremely patient with youngsters, known to follow the kiddos around the house and adore affection. Burmese cats are smaller than average with a compact body but a big brain. They like to use their smarts to solve pet puzzles and learn new tricks.

Cats With Small Ears: American Curl

Close up portrait of American Curl cat with bright blue eyes
With their nearly inside-out ears, American curl cats are prone to infections. So clean kitty's ears regularly!
| Credit: evannovostro / Adobe Stock

The American curl is a newer breed that, according to The International Cat Association (TICA), got its start in 1981 when a stray with funny ears was found and gave birth to kittens with the same strange ears. Due to a harmless genetic mutation, the breed's ears naturally turn backwards exposing the furry under-flap and making their ears seem tiny.

This pint-sized breed usually coos quietly rather than meowing to get your attention and is loving and playful, maintaining a kittenish curiosity into old age. Certainly charming, the American curl also has a sharp intellect—they're known for their ability to turn door knobs and open cabinets!

Small-faced Cats: Devon Rex

white devon rex cat sitting on windowsill
Along with the wavy coat, a Devon rex is known for her large ears, big eyes, high cheekbones, long neck, and slender body.
| Credit: Angela Kotsell / Getty

With a dainty face, small body, and huge ears, the Devon Rex has an impish personality to match his looks. These highly social cats don't do well when left alone for too long, according to the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA). When this breed isn't sticking by your side like glue, he's fetching a toy for you to throw or looking for other ways to have fun. But don't worry, this kitty is all about snuggling too and will be happy to warm you up on a cold day—the Devon Rex radiates more body heat because of his short, wavy coat. The breed's unique fur is super-soft, doesn't shed much, and doesn't need to be brushed, ideal for those who'd rather not use a lint roller every day.

Lightweight Cats: Siamese 

siamese cat sitting on couch
The dog-like Siamese is often described as a "Velcro kitty." He loves his humans deeply, and will always want to be by their side—if not in their lap!
| Credit: Daria Chichkareva / Shutterstock

Although they're average in size, Siamese cats are surprisingly lightweight. The supermodel of the cat world, the breed is long, lean, and has brains to boot. They're no couch potatoes and thrive on lots of activity, from playing fetch to walking on a leash to pawing at faucets until they turn on. Siamese cats are known for being very vocal. They like to express their opinion about everything and are best for people who like to "chat" with their kitties.

Shortest Cat Breed: Munchkin

white munchkin cat outside
Munchkins are a smart breed of cat that can be trained to follow basic commands and to walk on a leash.
| Credit: otsphoto / Shutterstock

The munchkin is a cat breed with small legs and a full-size body, much like a corgi or Dachshund in the dog world. What it lacks in jumping ability, the munchkin makes up for on the ground—running at turbo speeds to chase after anything they're curious about (which is everything!). Munchkin kitties can't jump high, which is perfect if cats on countertops drives you nuts. Instead, they leapfrog from one surface to another and stand up on their back legs to get a better view, especially of shiny objects, says TICA.

Small Fluffy Cats: LaPerm

LaPerm Cat
If there's one thing your LaPerm cat loves (aside from you, of course), it's playing and climbing.
| Credit: kimberrywood / Getty

A fluffy, curly coat makes LaPerm cats look like they've been to the salon. Although you'd think their hair is high maintenance, that's not so. Their coats don't shed much and they rarely mat. Giving these mini kitties a weekly brushing is enough, which means you have more time to cuddle with this extremely loving breed. Prepare for lots of deep stares, purrs, and kitty kisses!

Small Cats with Big Energy: Somali

Small yellow-eyed Somali cat stairs up at camera
Alone time? A Somali cat has never heard of it. These kitties will follow you around and want to be part of everything you do.
| Credit: lounom / Adobe Stock

Just call them TNT, because Somali cats are full of explosive energy. These small packages are always on the hunt for fun and want you, or someone (anyone!), to be a part of it too. You can keep bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Somali kitties happy by teaching them tricks, giving them plenty of playtime, and incorporating cat trees for climbing and window perches for exploring the outside world. VCA Hospitals says jokingly that Somali cats possess the 'hairdresser' gene, as these cats love to play with hair (and mustaches and beards!). They also appreciate having other fur buddies to pal around with.

Small Cats With Striking Eyes: Turkish Angora

orange turkish angora cat
Credit: Lea Spohr / Shutterstock

The Turkish Angora is a rare and ancient breed that's considered a national treasure by its namesake country. Thought to be the breed from which all other long-haired cats descended, this kitty is special indeed. For one, the Turkish Angora actually likes playing in water—showers, baths, and swimming pools! These kitties are also super social, even with strangers, but independent enough to be fine with some alone time at home. Turkish Angora cats also get a lot of attention for their silky locks and stunning eye colors. Most commonly, Turkish Angoras are white with blue, amber, or green-colored eyes or a mismatched combination.

Cats With Tiny Tails: Toybob

Portrait of Toybob cat with ocean blue eyes
Credit: PolinaBright / Shutterstock

It's easy to mistake a toybob cat for a kitten since their adult size is the same as an average cat at 3 to 6 months old. These cuties also have naturally short tails—created by a genetic mutation that doesn't affect their health—and sweet dispositions. If you're looking for a lap cat, this breed fits the bill though they're happy to play some, too. According to the CFA, these gentle sweethearts are all-around great kitties, especially for apartment living since they don't make much noise.