From the rat-chi to the ratshi, these precocious pooches are equal parts brainpower, boundless energy, and snuggles!
blue heeler rat cuddling with man
Credit: Courtesy of tobythezendog / Instagram

Terriers are tenacious with a capital T! And rat terriers know how to extend spunky effort to any activity. With an ancestry of more than 500 years, they were bred to keep their people safe by hunting vermin (hence the name). But when the workday is complete, these intelligent small dogs are faithful companions, yearning for adventure and fun!

Naturally, these qualities make rat terrier mixes practically irresistible. So as you dive into your breed research, these tips should help.

Choosing the Right Rat Terrier Mix

Patrick Singletary, DVM, owns Good Dog Veterinary Care in Marietta, Ga. He tells Daily Paws that prospective pet parents should always review the personalities and health factors for both breeds. This is like a doggie instruction manual, giving you all the intel you need to properly train, socialize, care for, and enjoy your special mixed breed dog

"When I'm talking to a client about what to watch for when their hybrid dog grows up, I'm generally discussing both breeds with them since we don't have a way to predict what genes will be passed along to the offspring and what genes will be received from the other parent," he says. 

Rat terriers are generally plucky, healthy pups, and one of the longest-living breeds: 12–18 years, on average. They're prone to allergies and sometimes develop issues with hip dysplasia and luxating patella (slipped knee caps). A veterinary consultation will help you gain the full health picture for your mix. 

Singletary also advises taking at least a couple of months or longer to research, interview, and visit breeders. "The breeder should be willing to have you at their facility or home. If they're not willing to entertain pointed questions about their lines of dogs, then they may be trying to hide something," he says. "If a breeder isn't willing to show you their facility, then they may be running a puppy mill."

He also supports breeders vetting prospective puppy owners as well. "If the breeder is asking you tough questions, then they're likely passionate about what they do and have the health and wellness of their dogs at the forefront of their minds," he adds. 

Which means we're all making sure to give cuties like the ones below the best lives ever! 

Rat-Chi (Rat Terrier Chihuahua Mix)

Happy Ratchi, Chihuahua Rat Terrier mix, standing on outdoor patio
Credit: Courtesy of mydogsonny / Instagram

Just from the name, you know this devoted pup is going to be a firecracker! Definitely inheriting more than a little zip and zing from their Chihuahua parent, the rat-chi is a bright, sassy pal with oodles of personality! Channel some of this zest into agility training to help him burn both physical and mental energy, and you'll be amazed at what he'll accomplish. 

Jack-Rat Terrier (Jack Russell Rat Terrier Mix)

lanky jack rat sitting on outdoor patio chair
Credit: Courtesy of garnetthegemdog / Instagram

A Jack Russell mixed with a rat terrier is lightning on four paws. They not only bounce high but also dig their way out of practically any situation, so choose fencing wisely. And this terrier mix is so doggone brainy, she might be able to help do your taxes, bake a cake, and fix a leaky faucet. So have an armada of puzzle games at the ready, and snuffly kisses will be your reward. 

Raggle (Rat Terrier Beagle Mix)

raggle sunbathing on deck
Credit: Courtesy of wrigstagram16 / Instagram

If your kids long for a dog, a raggle readily accepts all squeezes and secrets. Beagles are exceedingly good-natured huggable hounds and, as one–half of a rat terrier mix, will never run out of playtime tokens. Another thing this doggo will totally love as a group outing? Scent work! With easy-peasy grooming, a pupper like this is up for all the action.  

Ratshi (Rat Terrier Shih Tzu Mix)

ratshi in blue plaid bandana
Credit: Courtesy of littlebrix_theratshi / Instagram

Since dog genetics are a roll of the dice, you never know if a ratshi will be sleek and smooth like a rat terrier or a total shih tzu-inspired fluffball. Either way, lap real estate will always be occupied! With a good dog park or walking trails nearby, this sweet and wholesome pooch might find apartment living perfectly accommodating, especially if they can follow you around for more exercise.  

Blue Heeler Rat Terrier Mix

blue heeler rat cuddling with man
Credit: Courtesy of tobythezendog / Instagram

Speaking of exercise, whoo-boy! The offspring of a stellar cattle dog like a blue heeler (officially known as an Australian cattle dog) and a farm-friendly rat terrier needs at least 60 minutes of daily activity. They're brainy working dogs, so boredom isn't an option! Equip your backyard (fenced for safety!) with plenty of engaging outdoor toys, and take this pup roaming with you.   

Rattle (Rat Terrier Poodle Mix)

rattle wearing pink halloween tie
Credit: Courtesy of teddytheratdoodle / Instagram

With a miniature poodle as a mom or dad, your little rattle (or ratdoodle, as they're sometimes called) will be athletic, charming, and full of good cheer! Exploring various trails or practicing flyball are just a couple of ways to enjoy the company of this crossbreed. And, as another sharp cookie, the whole family can get in on the fun of seeing just how many tricks they can master in an afternoon!

Rat Terrier Corgi Mix

rat terrier corgi standing on stump
Credit: Courtesy of thegoodboyleroy / Instagram

Who's this cutie-pie? Often in high scamper mode, corgis—be they Pembroke Welsh or Cardigan—add saucy, squatty flair to a rat terrier mix. Again, you'll have a natural working instinct in your pup pal (corgis herd just about anything!) so spend quality time with them using positive reinforcement training and snuffle mats before a massive cuddle sesh. 

Ratshire Terrier (Rat Terrier Yorkie Mix)

ratshire terrier dog sitting in car
Credit: Courtesy of angelslifediary / Instagram

A quick-witted ratshire terrier has twice the perkiness of your average pooch, because Yorkshire terriers are chock full of sparkle. Affectionate and loyal beyond measure, these tenacious cousins overflow with lively doggie goodness. Offer your ratshire a nice mix of training, exercise, and games to satisfy their super-smart brains. They'll be ready for a cuddle at the end of the day!

Puggat (Pug Rat Terrier Mix)

puggat standing on astroturf
Credit: Courtesy of freddiethepuggat / Instagram

Wanna binge until the streaming service asks if you're still watching? A pug will lie right by your side. Wanna chill in a hammock? He'll cozy up there, too. While your terrier offspring might inherit the cool, laid-back nature of this Chinese companion breed, plan for contingencies, especially if he doesn't have the typical brachycephalic smooshed-face and shows curiosity in more play and exercise. Need more pug mixes in your life? Check out the Chug and the puggle

Boston Rat (Boston Terrier Rat Terrier Mix) 

boston rat profile
Credit: Courtesy of ijakewisdom / Instagram

Charmingly handsome, a Boston terrier can pass along some top-notch genes to a rat terrier mix. This doggie might also have flat-faced issues, too, so research breeders carefully to avoid scams and health problems. Sociable and clever, a Boston rat loves company. You'll have no trouble clicker training, enjoying brisk walks, and tucking in for a little R & R at a pet-friendly Airbnb.