These pups aren't fussy.
man holding pug by a swimming pool
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All dogs require care, exercise, and training, but some are a little less demanding than others. Low-maintenance dog breeds can be the perfect fit for everyone: busy families, older adults, first-time dog owners, and apartment dwellers.

If you don't have time to take your dog on a twice-daily run or spend your afternoons vacuuming hair from the carpet, here are some easy-to-care-for dog breeds to bring home.

Basset Hound

basset hound sitting on sidewalk
Don't let their short stature fool you—basset hounds are big dogs, weighing up to 65 pounds.
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Droopy and low to the ground, basset hounds are happy with one long daily walk followed by an even longer nap at home. They're pretty low-energy and slow-moving pups, (as long as they don't catch the scent of a neighborhood rabbit, that is) and their short coat is a cinch to care for.

The most time-consuming part of caring for a basset hound is his long, floppy ears. They'll need a weekly cleaning to stay healthy and infection-free.

Brussels Griffon

brussels griffon running in dandelions
If your Brussels griffon doesn't get enough exercise, he can pack on the pounds. So be sure to keep his paws moving!
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The flat-faced and bearded Brussels griffon looks like a little four-legged Ewok. But while Ewoks are always crashing around the forest of Endor, the Brussels is a mellow companion whose energy will be spent after some outdoor (or, because they're so small, living room) playtime.

They're happy to live in an apartment and, as long as they get a 30-minute walk or two a day, they don't need a big backyard. And as long as their shaggy beard stays trimmed, the Brussels griffon is an easy-to-care-for dog breed.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

cavalier king charles spaniel with his tongue out
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If you're looking for a low-maintenance dog who likes to cuddle, the Cavalier King Charles spaniel is the sweetest of sweet. A good dog for older adults and young families alike, Cavs are friendly toward everyone they meet.

At the end of the day, she just needs her people to be happy. A Cav can develop some separation anxiety if left alone for long stretches of time; luckily, she's small enough (topping out around 18 pounds) for you to take her almost anywhere.


Latin girl with her lovely dog, a white chihuahua, outdoors, in a park, on a green meadow.
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Chihuahuas are a low-maintenance small dog (the smallest dog, in fact). Though they come in two coat types—long and short—neither shed very much, and Chis don't require much grooming over a quick weekly brush.

These pint-sized pups can fit right in with almost any family, with one caveat: Because they are so tiny (usually between 3–6 pounds), they can be too delicate for small kiddos to be around. But as long as you teach your children to be careful with them, Chihuahuas will be their BFFs.


Man holds dachshund and cuddles them against his shoulder
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Spunky dachshunds are happy anywhere: in apartments, the 'burbs, or on vast acreage. Just be a little careful with stairs, especially as your doxie ages—that weiner-like build makes them susceptible to back injuries.

Other than installing a ramp or two, dachshunds are a low-maintenance dog breed that just needs a couple of neighborhood walks and interactive toys to keep their tails wagging.

French Bulldog

French bulldog wearing a harness sitting in her owner's lap outside in the grass
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French bulldogs are smooshy-faced cuties, and they happen to be incredibly easy-to-care-for dogs. They're chill but love to play, have a funny sense of humor, and pick up training cues quickly (as long as you make it feel like a game).

After a romp around the backyard, your Frenchie will spend most of the day snoring in his dog bed—or, let's be honest, in your bed. The only real thing you need to worry about is keeping him out of the heat because of his brachycephalic face.


brindle greyhound standing with her tongue out
With his long nose and long legs, it's easy to spot a greyhound at the dog park.
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Greyhounds are the fastest dogs in the world, but that doesn't mean they have an always-on-the-go personality. They're actually the total opposite and have a well-earned reputation for being couch potatoes.

These lanky pups are sprinters, so they aren't interested in marathon training. Give them a fenced-in yard to zoom around in, plus a walk or two a day, and they'll be happy. When they're inside, greyhounds are calm and most likely lounging around.

Italian Greyhound

italian greyhound wearing a turtleneck sweater held in a woman's arms outside on a walk
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Quiet and small, Italian greyhounds are the greyhound's much-smaller cousins. These low-maintenance dogs don't bark much, are super simple to groom, and are perfect for first-time pet parents.

Although Italian greyhounds are content to rest in your lap all day and be carried around while you're on errands, they are sensitive pups who need to be with their favorite humans. If you're a homebody, this is your pup.


man holding pug by a swimming pool
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A pug's happy place is in her owner's lap. As long as you don't mind her excited snorts and wheezes, she's a go-to companion pup for anyone—seniors, singles, and families. Though they're playful, they don't need a ton of activity to be tuckered out.

Pugs do shed, but a weekly brushing will help mitigate any flying fur. The biggest upkeep will be a once-a-month bath, which is needed to keep those adorable wrinkles clean and the skin healthy.

Shih Tzu

Two brown and white shih tzus with front ponytails lay in a yard
Shih tzus love companionship, be it with their humans or other animals. They coexist well with cats and other dogs, making ideal furry siblings.
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Sure, a shih tzu's long fur requires frequent upkeep, but all you need to do is schedule regular appointments with a groomer and she'll be in tip-top shape. Keep her hair short in a cute puppy cut to make things even easier.

Quick to make friends and laid-back, a shih tzu is like a real-life stuffed animal. She is fine around cats, other dogs, and family members of all ages. Bonus: All she needs is a living room play session and daily walk to meet her exercise needs.