Devoted and sweet, the friendliest cat breeds love to be at your side. Learn about the 10 friendliest cat breeds—many of which are also the friendliest cat breeds with dogs.

By Kate Silver
August 24, 2020

If your vision of a cat is one that’s standoffish and aloof, then you’ve clearly never encountered one of the friendliest cat breeds. Contrary to feline stereotypes, some cats simply love humans and want to be around them all the time. And they aren’t just friendly toward humans of all ages—many of them are also the friendliest cat breeds with dogs. 

Teresa Keiger, who is an all-breed judge with The Cat Fanciers' Association, says many people are, indeed, surprised and delighted by the behavior of a friendly cat. “They like to snuggle. They want to be with you. You’ll turn to the side and they’re sitting beside you, or insisting on being in your lap,” she says.

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Maine Coon

This shaggy, rugged cat, with its tufted paws and soulful eyes has charmed families for generations. Maine coons, which are playful and can be trained to perform tricks, have been known to follow their humans around the house and amuse them with their antics. Even while this cat loves being part of the action, it’s neither demanding nor needy. Rather, it’s an impressive balance of independence and devotion.



Intelligent, curious, and deeply loyal, the Abyssinian, which is one of the oldest cat breeds, adores people, but it’s more inclined to be near them than on their laps. This breed is intelligent, active, and outgoing. It loves playing with humans, but is also content to amuse itself, or play with other pets in the house.

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The person who dubbed dogs “man’s best friend” clearly never met a Birman. This friendly cat is affectionate, playful, and eager-to-please. With its bright blue eyes and precious face, it looks as sweet as it acts. The Birman is an excellent addition to a family with kids and other pets, and it’s also a wonderful cat for singletons.

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Cornish Rex

Not only is the Cornish rex one of the friendliest cat breeds toward humans, it’s also one of the friendliest with dogs and other pets. With its distinctive, bat-like ears, diminutive stature and large, expressive eyes, this breed, which has roots in Cornwall, England, is known for being active and playful and its coat is as soft as a lamb’s.


Devon Rex

The Devon rex reigns supreme as the most social of all breeds. This playful, fun-loving cat will insist on being at its human’s side, and doesn’t like it when they leave. Filled with energy and antics, this cat’s demeanor is as goofy as its looks, with its oversize ears and tiny, elfin face. 

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Large and loving, the ragdoll cat was bred for its relaxed nature—hence, its name, which applies to its tendency to go limp when held. This friendly cat is well-mannered and loyal. It’s not uncommon for the ragdoll to greet family members when they come home and spend hours snuggling at their side, gazing at them with its striking blue eyes.



Owners say once you have a ragamuffin cat, you’ll never want another breed. Sweet, docile, and even-tempered, the ragamuffin gets along well with children as well as other pets. With soulful eyes and a luxurious long coat, this beautiful and happy-go-lucky feline is as content living in a studio apartment as a mansion, as long as it’s around its loving family.

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Ok, so those big eyes always look like they’re judging you, and the flowing coats make this breed appear somewhat demanding. But beneath that regal appearance, Persians are one of the friendliest cat breeds. In fact, they are the most popular cat breed there is, according to The Cat Fanciers’ Association, because of their sweet personality. 

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Legend has it the ancestors of the Siamese cat lived in temples in Thailand, which was once known as Siam. Perhaps it’s there they developed their deep love of humans. These cats absolutely treasure their family, and when they don’t get what they want, they’re incredibly vocal about it. If that doesn’t work, they just might motivate you with their expressive blue eyes. 

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While the appearance of this hairless cat breed can be off-putting to some, its personality is charming. The sphynx can be quite the clown, angling to be the center of attention with its antics. While these cats are full of energy, they’re also known to be excellent at cuddling with humans, dogs, and other cats—often because they’re seeking comfort and warmth against their soft, wrinkly skin.