13 Fluffy Dog Breeds You Can’t Wait to Snuggle

Whether you call them floofy, poofy, or fluffy, dogs like these make pawsome pets!

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When you spot a pooch with sumptuous fur, it doesn't take long to squeal with delight, "It's so fluffy!" Just like young Agnes from the movie Despicable Me, we have a great fondness for floofy, poofy, and fluffy dog breeds (well, she loved unicorns, but probably dogs, too, if the fluff factor was good enough).

What's Up With All the Fluff?

Why are some pups so doggone fluffy? Jerry Klein, DVM, is chief veterinary officer of the American Kennel Club. He says breeds with double coats, such as Pomeranians or Siberian huskies, are often quite poofy.

"A double coat is made up of two layers: a soft undercoat and an outer layer, or 'guard hair'," Klein says. "The undercoat acts as insulation, keeping the dog warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The outer layer allows cool air to circulate near the dog's skin after he sheds his undercoat." Some single-coated breeds, such as Bichon Frises and Portuguese water dogs, also have coats that are plush and velvety to the touch, he says. 

With all this fur love comes great responsibility. Any pup who ranks high on a fluffy dog breeds list has particular grooming requirements that pet parents must adhere to. "Although many fluffy breeds may be cute and look like great cuddly companions, potential puppy owners should be sure to do research on the coat type and the specific needs it comes along with before choosing the fluffiest puppy they can find," Klein says. 

And yes, the more floofy the dog, the more floating fur you'll have through the house, layered on the couch, and stuck to your black yoga pants. Yes, many fine-furred dogs shed a lot, especially in the spring and fall. And we'll just add this caveat up front: their grooming needs will increase during high shedding seasons. 

But that's what robot vacuums and lint brushes are for, right? A happy trade-off for daily nuzzles with one of these super fluffy dog breeds!

Three schipperke dogs outside with a red fence
Credit: Aler / Adobe Stock

Black Fluffy Dog Breed: Schipperke

Maybe dog fur blends in a little better on yoga pants if you have a schipperke!? One could only hope. This sharp, intelligent, and energetic Belgian pup has a gorgeous midnight black coat that you'll only have to brush once or twice a week. Which is good, because this small, loving pooch is eager to leave primping behind to go with you wherever, whenever.

Bichon Frise runs on leash
Credit: Iliya Mitskavets / Adobe Stock

Popular Small Fluffy Dog Breed: Bichon Frise

The sparky Bichon Frise pops up on many choice lists, including cute, white, and possibly hypoallergenic (as much as dogs can be, anyway). She's a smart, affectionate, and playful companion, perfect for all ages of humans, but needs a lot of salon time to keep her looking this stylish.

chow chow dog face close up
Credit: Dyrefotografi.dk / Adobe Stock

Fluffy Chinese Dog Breed: Chow Chow

The chow is one of two dogs with Chinese heritage on our list. A large canine, he actually prefers to be indoors, completely satisfied with short daily walks. He's a quiet, independent thinker who enjoys alone time but considers himself a respected family member. Maintain his thick, soft fur with multiple brushing sessions throughout the week.

Adult Newfoundland sits with head titled in grassy field
Credit: Dyrefotografi.dk / Adobe Stock

A Fluffy Dog Breed Almost as Big as You: Newfoundland

Weighing 100–150 pounds, the mellow Newfoundland might be massive, but she's a sweet, caring family dog that kids love to read with, take on woodland treks, and tell secrets to. Surprisingly, she doesn't need a lot of exercise, but frequent brushing during the week and regular bathing should be part of her care routine.

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American Eskimo dog on the beach
Credit: nwbob / Getty

White Fluffy Dog Breed: American Eskimo Dog

Not the only Nordic dog on our list, and with good reason: her double coat is uber thick and fluffy to withstand cold temperatures. An American Eskimo dog, or Eskie, is a bright, athletic charmer full of spunk. A dedicated companion, she'll enjoy brushes a few times a week, which also helps remove dirt and keep her coat silky white.

Close up of red pomeranian
Credit: VeronikaChe / Shutterstock

Adorably Tiny Fluffy Dog Breed: Pomeranian

Here's a tiny pup used to running with the big dogs! Pomeranians come by their friendly and feisty personalities naturally, as they're descendants of Arctic sled dogs. They're smart and quick to learn, so teach them plenty of tricks to keep them engaged. Regular head-to-tail grooming sessions during the week keeps a Pom's poof spiffy.

Close up of tan pekingese
Credit: Батуленко Тетяна / Getty

Brown Fluffy Dog Breed: Pekingese

Affectionately known as a 'lion dog' because of his long mane, a Pekingese loves to be pampered. You would be, too, if you were the favored pet of Chinese emperors! This snuggly lap dog is a perky pal and content with short walks, but he needs about an hour of proper grooming weekly to keep his luscious coat free of mats.

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Fluffy Keeshond dog smiles off to the side with tongue out
Credit: Daniela Duncan / Getty

Medium Fluffy Dog Breed: Keeshond

Keeshonds have an interesting history as Dutch barge dogs, so they're accustomed to life on the water. Their easy-going nature, intelligence, and can-do spirit make them great contenders for therapy dogs, as they like tasks and love people! Weekly brushing and occasional bathing help these pups endlessly petable.

Adult Samoyed runs through snow
Credit: Anton Maltsev / Adobe Stock

Cute Fluffy Dog Breed: Samoyed

Don't let this poofy cloud fool you: like most Nordic breeds, clever and affectionate Samoyeds are ready for action! Consider him your fluffy movement-oriented life coach, ready to run, sled, snowshoe, cycle, jump, and play at a moment's notice. Keep that cloud of fur in control with consistent brushing 3 times per week.

Black and white Portuguese Water Dog laying in front of deck
Thanks to their nearly nonexistent shedding, Portuguese water dogs are a fitting breed for any allergy sufferers.
| Credit: Canadeez / Adobe Stock

Big, Fluffy, and Curly Dog Breed: Portuguese Water Dog

For the ultimate 'velcro dog' experience, the Portuguese water dog won't disappoint! An intelligent, affectionate pooch, she'll most certainly become your canine best friend. A favorite breed of the Obamas, this curly cutie loves both indoor and outdoor activities, but needs extra grooming attention, because her fur never stops growing!

Red tibetan mastiff walks through brush
Credit: Kat_marinina / Shutterstock

Large and In Charge Fluffy Dog: Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan mastiffs might not be the most attentive, lovable dogs and whew, good thing, because 120–150 pounds on your lap is a lot. He loves curling up by the fire, though, and gets along well with other pets. His high intelligence and wandering spirit require an experienced pet parent who's also patient enough to coax him into weekly brushings.

Portrait of blue-eyed Siberian husky
Credit: Sergey Bogdanov / Adobe Stock

Fluffy Dog Breed for Active Pet Parents: Siberian Husky

Another double-coated Nordic breed, it's no surprise that if your exercise jam includes winter sports, a Siberian will be your special buddy! Whip-smart, friendly, and full of cuddles, she sheds a lot, but also has a 'self-cleaning' function that requires less brushing and bathing to maintain her striking coat. More time for fun!

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Leonberger dog walks across and
Credit: Hans Surfer / Getty

Gentle Giant Fluffy Dog Breed: Leonberger

Once nearly extinct mere decades ago, Leonbergers are slowly making a comeback because they're exceptional at search-and-rescue, lifeguarding, and herding. They're also tender, devoted family pets who love galloping over wide open spaces. But boy, you'll need to stay on top of the fur, 'cause this nearly 200 pound pup has a lot of it!