These pooches show us love "nose" no bounds.
man holding a dachshund in his arms on the front porch; dogs with long snouts
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Dog with long snout? Check. Dog with an equally big heart? Check. If you're looking for a canine companion with an adorably big schnoz, you've come to the right place. But why do some dogs have long noses, anyway?

"While each and every dog is a member of the same species, Canis familiaris, intensive selective breeding by humans, particularly in the last 200 years, has created a vast array of different phenotypes," Michelle Henry, dog trainer and CEO of Outdoor Dog Fun.

Henry says this kind of targeted breeding has a lot to do with enhanced scent for hunting and tracking. However, not all breeds with big snouts were bred specifically for this purpose.

"Some of the most iconic long-snouted dogs, like greyhounds and whippets, are racing dogs, and thus their long snouts are a result of a desire to breed an extremely streamlined and aerodynamic dog—not one with an enhanced sense of smell," she says.

While dogs with long snouts do have more olfactory receptors in their noses, which allows them to detect smell better than dogs with short snouts, there is no scientific evidence that proves dogs with long snouts smell better than short-snouted dogs, says Danielle Page, BVSc, Bcom. "While it is not necessarily true that all dogs with long snouts smell better, it is likely that they do have an advantage when it comes to smelling things," she says.

No matter how good the sniffer, we've rounded up 15 dogs with long snouts you're bound to adore!


borzoi in a field looking back
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This super long snout commands your attention. Previously known as the Russian wolfhound, the borzoi is beloved for that distinctive long snout that adds to her aristocratic appearance. In fact, one of the longest snouts ever recorded was 12.2 inches long and belonged to—you guessed it!—a borzoi. Bred to hunt wolves in Russia long ago, her name is derived from the Russian word "borzyi," translating to "swift." Gentle and elegant, the borzoi is an active breed with a cat-like temperament, making her a wonderful family pet. But don't let her quiet and easygoing personality deceive you—she was born to run and can reach speeds of 35–40 mph! Despite her athleticism, she'll enjoy going for walks and cuddling up next to you on the couch afterward.


woman on a beach kissing the top of her greyhound's head
Greyhounds are social dogs who want to be wherever their family is. These aren't pups that do well when left to their own devices.
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Those lanky legs. Folded ears. Instantly recognizable snoot. It's the greyhound, of course! Nicknamed the "40-mph-couch potatoes," greyhounds have a history as racing dogs and sight hunting but especially love to relax. Sweet-tempered and social, greyhounds make excellent companions for just about anyone and get along with other pets, too. They enjoy exploring and going out for daily walks. Because of their short coats and low body fat, they shouldn't be outside for too long, especially in extreme heat or cold. And if it is cold, don't forget a dog jacket!


standard poodle licking man on the face; best family dogs
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Although poodles are best known for their curly coats, they simply wouldn't be them without their adorably long snouts. Poodles are extremely athletic and brainy dogs who are happiest with their people, preferably keeping their minds and bodies busy. Whether it's playing fetch, going for a swim, or romping at the dog park, these pups are up for any adventure with you! Their friendliness, loyalty, and playfulness make them great companions for families who are dedicated to giving them exercise and mental stimulation.


whippet sitting woman holding a cup of coffee
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A relative of the greyhound and Italian greyhound, whippets are often referred to as the "Goldilocks" of dogs because their size, living needs, and personalities are considered to be just right for a lot of pet parents. Friendly, gentle, and affectionate, whippets are great with children, families, seniors, and other dogs. Bred to chase rabbits for sport, this sighthound's speed and short bursts of energy make games of Frisbee or catch combined with a short walk perfect for daily exercise.

Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher guard dog
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The Doberman pinscher's big snout matches the size of his heart. With a history as watchdogs, Doberman pinschers are a deeply devoted breed who cherishes their family. Affectionately called "Velcro dogs," these pups are incredibly loving, courageous, and intelligent. Their athletic and robust build makes them the perfect running or hiking buddy. Pair that with some fun mental enrichment and training, and you've got yourself one happy Doberman!

Pharaoh Hound

pharaoh hound profile closeup
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Playful and energetic, Pharaoh hounds have a nose for adventure. (Literally!) Bred to chase small game in ancient Egypt, these peppy pups are at their best with daily physical and mental activity, like running, walking, or playing with interactive toys. Pharaoh hounds are happy and affectionate dogs who love spending time with humans and playing with their canine companions. And we can't forget those perky ears, either!


two collies lying next to each other outside
The friendly collie fits right in with most families, including those with children and other fur babies.
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It's hard not to gaze at the collie's beautifully long snout and flowing coat! Social, empathetic, and intelligent, collies were bred to herd livestock and be caretakers, which explains why they're beloved family pets and exceptional therapy dogs. Their loving and loyal nature makes them want to be around their favorite humans and furry playmates, especially if it means going for a run or hike. But ultimately, they're happy to do anything with you.

Bull Terrier

side view of bull terrier on hill with couple; dogs with long snouts
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There's so much to love about the bull terrier, from their sweet and goofy personalities to their cute egg-shaped heads, dramatic snouts, and pointy ears. Nicknamed "the kid in a dog suit," the bull terrier is a rambunctious and fearless extrovert with tons of energy to exert throughout the day. With a history of being bred for sport and companionship, the strong and agile bull terrier thrives on physical activities you two can do together, like long walks, playtime with interactive toys, or agility courses.

Afghan Hound

tri-color afghan hound lying on concrete steps
While solid coat colors are most common, Afghans can come in combinations of colors like this multi-hued beauty.
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This doggie diva is gorgeous from head to toe with her prominent nose, silky locks, and curled tail. The Afghan hound is a free-spirited and intelligent dog who was originally bred to hunt. (Yes, really!) She's an active beauty whose favorite pastimes include going for runs, walks, and hikes, as well as spending time with her people. Afghan hounds have long, luxurious coats that will need to be brushed daily to keep them looking fabulous and staying mat-free.


saluki standing near river
Salukis need a weekly brushing so their feathered fur stays neat, tidy, and tangle-free.
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An ancient, rare breed, the saluki is a sight(hound) to see with his long snout, feathered ears, and slender build. One look at the saluki, and it's easy to see why this beautiful dog was once a favorite among kings, pharaohs, and nobles. Loyal and independent, salukis are athletic dogs who love going for walks, running, hiking, and playing with interactive toys. They make a great addition to active families.


man holding a dachshund in his arms on the front porch; dogs with long snouts
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Small dog, big snout! Sometimes, it's hard to believe the sweet and spunky dachshund was bred to be a masterful hunter. However, the phrase "tiny but mighty" holds true for this sausage-shaped cutie. Dachshunds, who are affectionately referred to as "doxies," are vocal, playful, and independent-minded. But as much as they revel in playtime, they take great delight in relaxing and only require two short walks a day, making them excellent companions for families and seniors. You'll want to purchase some doggy stairs or a ramp to protect their delicate spines that are prone to intervertebral disc disease.

Airedale Terrier

airedale terrier sitting on a rock
Airedales are the largest dogs in the terrier group. Because of this, they're sometimes called the "king of terriers."
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The Airedale terrier could easily be mistaken for a giant teddy bear with his long snout, gumdrop nose, and short, brown coat. So cute and cuddly! Playful, smart, and confident, Airedale terriers are the largest of terriers and thrive in any activity that allows them to put their high intelligence and equally high energy to good use (e.g. long walks, dog sports, hiking, playing with puzzle toys, etc.) This social and affectionate breed is happiest when he's surrounded by companions, no matter if it's his humans or dog friends.

Italian Greyhound

woman wearing a leather jacket holding an italian greyhound wearing a turtleneck sweater outdoors
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Meet the teeny tiny cousin of the greyhound, the Italian greyhound! Even with her smaller stature, she has just as long—and lovable—of a snout that you can't miss. Italian greyhounds are little lovers who cherish quality time with their humans, preferably in your lap. These pups are delightful companions who are fairly low-maintenance, making them fantastic choices for first-time dog owners. With their history as open field hunters, Italian greyhounds excel in any activity that requires brief spurts of energy, like lure coursing, puzzle toys, and runs and walks on a leash.

German Shepherd

german shepherd standing on fallen tree
The German shepherd's guarding tendencies make them natural watch dogs who will protect their territory and alert their owners to intruders.
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The German shepherd is a naturally stunning dog with striking facial markings, perked-up ears, and a long, black snout. A confident, loyal, and protective breed, German shepherds make for amazing companions in the right homes. In fact, they're even sometimes referred to as "Velcro dogs" since they want to be around their favorite people at all times. Because of their history as working dogs, they're considered to be a high-energy breed who thrive with a lot of exercise and mental stimulation every day. This makes activities like long walks, runs, hikes, nose work, and agility training an absolute joy for the German shepherd.


bloodhound sitting on a ledge next to the beach
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The bloodhound has the most extraordinary nose, but we can't help but also swoon at that sweet snout. (And of course, those droopy jowls and deep wrinkles!) These gentle giants constantly have a case of wanderlust thanks to their incredible sense of smell. Bloodhounds yearn to go wherever their noses take them and are happy with any kind of exercise and mental stimulation that lets them do so (e.g. long walks, day hikes, etc.) Sure to give you the slobberiest of kisses, bloodhounds are a loving breed who make excellent companions for families who are willing to put in the work to provide them with the care they deserve—and don't mind dealing with a little drool.