Adopt one of these adorable felines and you may be one step closer to becoming Internet famous.

Humongous ears. Saucer-like eyes. A mouth straight out of a cartoon. The cutest cat breeds have stand-out features that just make you saw awwww.

Of course, as with many things in life (spouses, books, shoes …), you want to be careful of making choices based on looks alone. When you’re choosing a cat it’s important you look beyond the surface and find the pet that best fits your lifestyle, says Teresa Keiger, who is an all-breed judge with The Cat Fanciers' Association as well as the organization’s creative director.

“It’s better to choose a cat by its personality rather than cuteness. Because looks can change and it’s not fair to the cat,” Keiger says. “You’re providing a home for this animal for the next 15 years.” 

Still, even Keiger has her cute-factor favorites, and so do we. Read on for the top five cutest cat breeds as adults.

white devon rex cat sitting on windowsill
Credit: Angela Kotsell / Getty

Devon Rex

With its enormous ears and oversize eyes, the Devon rex looks like a close cousin to an elf. Energetic and downright silly, this breed stays kitten-like its entire life. It’s remarkably social, and prefers to stay at its owner’s side all day—and all night—long.

pretty orange persian cat sitting on gray chair
Persian cats can come in a wide range of colors. But the one characteristic they all have in common is their cute, smooshy faces.
| Credit: FluxFactory / Getty


There’s a reason Persian cats are among the most popular breeds. Their appearance is undeniably adorable, with their big eyes, pouty mouths, and flowing coats. But beneath those stop-you-in-your-tracks looks is a mellow, easygoing personality that’s a delight to be around. Persians are undoubtedly one of the cutest cat breeds as kittens and remain one of the cutest cat breeds as adults.

Scottish Fold Cat sitting on a bed
Credit: kiszon pascal / Getty Images

Scottish Fold

With their ears sometimes folded forward, the face of this cat almost resembles a curious—and adorable—owl (although, fair warning, not every cat in the breed has folded ears). Everything about the Scottish fold is a little bit rounded, from its circular face to its curving body. And its personality is as sweet as its eyes; the Scottish fold simply loves being around its person.

lazy russian blue cat lying on bed
Credit: Drazen_ / Getty

Russian Blue

Who can resist a cat that looks like it’s smiling? That’s how it is with the Russian blue, one of the cutest cat breeds out there, with its silky, silvery coat and big round peepers. The Russian blue may take a while to warm up to strangers, but it’s incredibly devoted to its family and loves keeping them entertained with a good game of fetch.  

white exotic shorthair cat sitting on an orange sofa
Credit: Getty

Exotic Shorthair

The exotic shorthair measures up to the Persian breed standard in every way, but has short hair instead of long. That means all the cuteness, minus the maintenance. With no need for daily grooming, you can spend that extra time posting photos and videos to Instagram—because this breed was made to be Internet famous.