If you’re an active pet parent, it’s easy to fall muzzle-over-paws in love with these rambunctious puppers!

Although most people are familiar with Queen Elizabeth's famous corgis, few know that she also breeds dorgis. This popular corgi mix of dachshund and Pembroke Welsh corgi represents one of the many corgi mixes adored by dog lovers, and our list features a few more!

Affectionate with their hoomans, amusing, and brilliant, it's no wonder corgis are often desired as crossbreed pup parents. Both the Pembroke Welsh corgi (no tail) and the Cardigan Welsh corgi (does have a tail) share numerous qualities, including:

But before you set your sights on that totes adorbs corgi peach butt, it's essential to understand why not all corgi mix breeds inherit the same qualities, and how to research breeders thoroughly to ensure the health of your new doggo. 

Responsible Research Ensures Your Corgi Mix Breed Is a Keeper

Patrick Singletary, DVM, owns Good Dog Veterinary Care in Marietta, Ga. In your breed research, he advises asking about the genetics of the crossbreed. "F1 hybrid refers to a breeding of two individuals to create a crossbreed or hybrid," he says. "For instance, a Pembroke Welsh corgi bred with a dachshund will produce an F1 offspring, the dorgi. An F2 hybrid is created from breeding two F1 hybrids together: an F1 hybrid dorgi with another F1 hybrid dorgi to create an F2 dorgi." 

Singletary says a responsible, successful breeding program is implemented over many years, and it cannot be done after one breeding. "Strictly breeding F1 individuals together will pass along the same poor genes from the respective parents' lines to their offspring." 

So take a few months to investigate breeders to make certain they're not part of a puppy mill or backyard breeder operation, and consult a veterinarian to learn about the health for both pup parents. For example, although most corgis live 12-15 years with few issues, they're also long-backed chondrodysplastic breeds and prone to intervertebral disc disease.

Nevertheless, the spunky mixed dog breeds below will still give a ball, a frisbee, or you a good chase!

Corman Shepherd (German Shepherd and Corgi Mix)

corman shepherd with german shepherd face and corgi body near yellow flowers
Corgi german shepherd mix playing in the snow
Left: Credit: Courtesy of Isla.the.corman
Right: Credit: Courtesy of alfred on adventures / Instagram

It's a double down on the cuteness with a corman shepherd! Drawing from the steadfast loyalty and dedicated charm of a German shepherd, you'll enjoy a sweet, uber-intelligent devoted family pup. German shepherds are often task-oriented, as are corgis, so teach your corman tricks, such as closing doors, cleaning up toys, and carrying small shopping bags.

Chigi (Chihuahua and Corgi Mix)

corgi chihuahua mix with chihuahua body and corgi face sitting in grass
Chihuahua and corgi mix with chihuahua face and corgi scruff
Left: Credit: Courtesy of lolawithasideofdeli / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of joey_thechigi / Instagram

Okay, how much do we love the name Chigi, as the bouncy personality of a Chihuahua makes an appearance right away! Be prepared to handle a lot of small dog sass, as it's a safe pet bet that a Chigi will likely get an extra scoop from both parents. He'll also have an ample amount of affection and playfulness, and look simply darling in coats.

Horgi (Corgi and Husky Mix)

Corgsky with Husky markings and corgi body
Corgi husky mix sitting by yellow flowers
Left: Credit: Courtesy of skyborgi / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of soupe_corgsky / Instagram

Ready, set-no seriously, are you ready? 'Cause a corgi and Siberian husky mix guarantees a lot of go from this doggo! Pair a herding breed with a working one, and the result is an attentive, persistent, and clever canine pal, so keep her engaged mentally and physically until it's time to snuggle, 'cause she loves comfy pillow time with her hoomans, too.

Golden Corgi (Golden Retriever and Corgi Mix)

shaggy golden tail
Golden Corgi looking more Corgi
Left: Credit: Courtesy of mrbeansteen / Instagram
Right: Credit: sarahnicolexx92 / Instagram

Who's a good girl? This sweet muffin has a lot of love to give, because golden retrievers are truly some of the biggest cuddlebugs around, and one of the many reasons why people choose golden retriever mixes, too! An active family dog with many laughable antics, the golden corgi responds well to training and social activities.

Auggie (Corgi and Australian Shepherd Mix)

aussie corgi mix looking up in grass
Australian shepherd corgi mix wearing bowtie
Left: Credit: Courtesy of shasegawa92 / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of pandatheauggie / Instagram

Capturing double takes whenever they hit the dog park, Auggies share a lot of flash and literal dash from their Australian Shepherd parent-after all, herding is part of their bloodline on both sides! So keep your uber-smart and curious corgi and Australian shepherd mix pup busy with puzzle games and extensive daily exercise so they can work off plenty of energy.

Dorgi (Corgi Dachshund Mix)

Stocky brown dorgi wearing orange harness in the woods
brown Corgi Dachshund mix with orange collar
Left: Credit: Courtesy of milo_the_dorgi / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of dougthedorgi / Instagram

We've already told you a lot about the popular corgi mix, the dorgi. Now that you have a chance to take a peek at a couple of cuties, it's easy to see why their friendly, spirited natures make them favorites not only of Her Majesty, but also other fine folks!

Beagi (Corgi and Beagle Mix)

Corgi and Beagle mix wearing blue bandana
corgi beagle mix with corgi body and beagle face and ears
Left: Credit: Courtesy of henryboy119 / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of peanutss / Instagram

Considered one of the best dog breeds for kids, the gentle, fun-loving beagle will enhance a corgi's bountiful energy and adorable demeanor. Always willing to be with her people, the beagi is likely to be a member of the family for a long time (both parents usually live at least 10 years!), so choose a fitting name to bring them home when they scamper about!

Corgidor (Corgi and Labrador Retriever Mix)

corgi and labrador retriever mix near lake
black corgidor with lab face and corgi body holding orange ball in field of dandelions
Left: Credit: Courtesy of islandnette / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of jackson_the_corgidor / Instagram

Speaking of names, the corgidor sounds like something from a science fiction movie, but this affectionate corgi Lab mix is particularly fond of his pet parents, especially when they give him plenty to do! However, take note: while Labrador retrievers are natural swimmers, many corgis aren't, so talk to your vet before attempting to teach a corgidor how to swim.

Porgi (Corgi and Pomeranian Mix)

corgi Pomeranian mix with corgi face wearing blue bandana
Pomeranian corgi mix
Left: Credit: Courtesy of wall.e.and.eve / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of danicashiine / Instagram

When you look up 'pluck' in the dictionary, don't be surprised if the bright-eyed Porgi is looking back at you! This corgi mix might include a sprinkle of a Pomeranian's noted attitude, alertness, and activity level. While great for apartment living, a Porgi needs daily exercise and plenty of enrichment activities to keep her content.

Corgipoo or Corgidoodle (Corgi and Poodle Mix)

corgidoodle with corgi body and fuzzy poddle fur near mountains
poodle corgi mix with Poodle snout and corgi body holding red ball
Left: Credit: Courtesy of archie.corgipoo / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of stout_the_corgipoo / Instagram

No matter what you call this squeezable fuzzball, having a sweet-tempered poodle as a parent might help produce a more hypoallergenic corgipoo. Just remember each person reacts to dog allergens differently, so if you need a more sterile atmosphere to enjoy an athletic, companionable, and good-natured pooch like this one, an air purifier might help.