These felines stand out from the crowd for their distinctly cool and interesting personalities and appearances.
Siamese cat sitting on a woman's lap outside
Siamese cats are social, affectionate, clever animals who make loving and loyal pets.
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While all cats are unique in their own ways, there are some cool cat breeds who happen to have features and personalities that are more distinct than others. Whether it's a Russian blue with those piercing green eyes and silvery fur, ragdolls with their puppy-like behaviors, or Scottish folds with that owlish appearance, certain types of cats simply stand out among the, er, pack.

If you're looking for a feline with an unusual look or demeanor (or just want to brag that your own cat is particularly neat), here are 14 of the coolest cat breeds around.


Bengal cat walks on wood
Bengals are active and intelligent cats. To keep him happy and healthy, you need to give him ample mental and physical stimulation.
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Descended from a mix of domestic cats and the Asian leopard cat, Bengal cats are known for their gorgeous gold-hued spotted coats and long, muscular bodies. Yet while they may look fierce (and are banned in some cities due to their heritage), they're super social and affectionate and as good with kids as they are with other pets, including dogs.

Scottish Fold

gray scottish fold cat being held
With their down-turned ears, some say Scottish folds look like a cross between an owl and a cat.
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For an adorable cat that has a distinct appearance and personality, consider the Scottish fold. They get their names from their folded, owl-like ears, which occur due to a lack of cartilage in that area. In addition to being ultra cute (don't forget those big eyes!), these cats are majorly affectionate and playful but can be stubborn when they don't get their way (I mean, same).


Siamese cat sitting on a woman's lap outside
Siamese cats are social, affectionate, clever animals who make loving and loyal pets.
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One of the most unique-looking breeds around, Siamese cats have bright blue eyes, triangular heads, big ears, and thin bodies. Behavior-wise, they're quite talkative (you can't miss that loud meow!), highly intelligent, and super social—so much so that they're often compared to dogs and are typically brought home in pairs to ensure they don't get lonely.

Oriental Shorthair

Oriental Shorthair kitten with a chocolate hair
Oriental shorthairs are friendly, intelligent, and inquisitive cats that love being around people and fellow furry friends.
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Although they have overall similar appearances to Siamese cats, Oriental shorthairs stand out for their ultra-long ears, narrowed eyes, and quite angular faces. What makes this breed especially cool is that these cats come in a variety of colors and patterns, ranging from lavender to tortoiseshell to chocolate brown. And yes, like Siamese, they're chatty, social, and deeply loving cats.


white and orange manx outdoors standing in leaves
With their noteworthy tailless body and sweet disposition, the Manx breed is a national treasure on the Isle of Man
| Credit: valleevalley / Adobe Stock

Due to a genetic mutation, Manx cats have no tail, but that's not all that's unique about them. These round-faced cats have long been known for their above-average hunting ability with farmers and sailors often opting to have them by their sides in taking down rodents. They also hop as they walk, moving both legs together in a rabbit-like gait that's truly adorable to witness.

Norwegian Forest Cat

fluffy norweigan forest cat standing on logs
Norwegian forest cats love to climb. There are even Viking myths about these cats scaling sheer rock faces.
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One of the biggest cat breeds there is, the Norwegian forest cat is hefty, muscular, and covered in tons of bushy fur. These felines are notable not just for their size but for their excellent climbing ability and sharp hunting instincts. Prepare for a lot of running around with these energetic cats! They're also friendly and seriously loving, making for ideal pets.


siberian cat siting in a wild flower field
Siberian cats have big, muscular bodies and need plenty of exercise that'll keep their paws moving.
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For a cat breed that'll catch everyone's attention, look no further than the Siberian, a rare cat that's hard to find in the U.S. Native to Siberia, these cats have thick, weatherproof coats and muscular bodies in addition to personalities so playful and fun-loving that they're known for acting like kittens well beyond their most youthful years.


abyssinian lying on cement
Abyssinians are total brainiacs and need lots of mental stimulation so they don't become bored.
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One of the oldest breeds of domesticated cats in existence, Abyssinians have long been prized for their strikingly dense and wildcat-like coats, impressively athletic builds, and endless desire to be playing and running around. They're super smart and curious cats, if not the cuddliest, requiring lots of attention and toys at all times. It's only fair, considering how many centuries they've tolerated humans!


Spotted sphynx cat lays on hardwood floor and looks at camera
Sphynx cats are famous for their (nearly) nude appearance, but there is so much more to these charming, intelligent cats besides their lack of fur.
| Credit: Chaloemphon Wanitcharoentham / EyeEm / Getty

There's truly no breed like the Sphynx. With their total (usually) lack of fur, wrinkly skin, narrow head, and webbed toes, these cats are as cool as they come. They're fairly rare, making them in-demand pets. And personality-wise, they're fun-loving, smart, curious, and extremely noisy. You won't be able to get them to stop chattering!


woman holding her ragdoll cat with bright blue eyes
Ragdolls love being held so much, they get their name from their tendency to flop over in their owner's arms.
| Credit: Nataša Kogoj / Getty

Large, muscular, and super fluffy, ragdoll cats got their name from their odd tendency to go totally limp when being picked up (which looks as cute and silly as it sounds). As you might expect from a breed like this, they're particularly gentle and docile cats, great around people of all ages, and consistently rank as the world's most popular cat breed. They're also known for their V-shaped forehead markings and big, bright blue eyes.

Devon Rex

woman holding Devon Rex with her hand hold his head
If there's one thing a Devon rex loves, it's her people. These kitties need lots of affection and have earned a reputation as being "Velcro cats."
| Credit: Alvaro Castillo / EyeEm / Getty

One of the smartest cat breeds, the Devon rex is capable of learning tricks like walking on a leash or fetching toys. That's not the only interesting thing about them, however; these cats have uncommonly wavy coats, tall ears, and thin bodies, not to mention their hugely playful personalities. They love getting in all sorts of trouble, so watch out for mischief if you add one to your family!

American Shorthair

multicolored american shorthair lying down
American shorthairs can have coats in essentially any color and pattern, but the breed is defined by its broad and muscular body.
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There's a lot to love about the American shorthair, from the breed's friendly personality to their strong intelligence to their love of socialization and attention. And then there's the cool fact that these felines are directly descended from European cats brought over to the U.S. by settlers back in the 1600s as hunting cats to protect cargo from rodents. They're still great hunters but also very docile animals.


white munchkin cat outside
Munchkins are a smart breed of cat that can be trained to follow basic commands and to walk on a leash.
| Credit: otsphoto / Shutterstock

The name says it all—the adorable Munchkin has extremely short legs and is one of the original breeds of dwarf cats. They're quite rare due to their complex breeding process and the genetic mutation that causes their stout appearance, but loved by owners for their big energy and playful attitude that lasts long into adulthood.

Russian Blue

russian blue lying in owners hands looking at the camera
Thought a Russian blue might first be shy around new people, a well-socialized kitty will always be down for scritches.
| Credit: Westend61 / Getty

With stunning dense gray-blue coats and emerald green eyes, the Russian blue is one of the most recognizable cat breeds out there. They're also unusual for their reserved temperament (they're especially shy around newcomers), high intelligence, and fierce loyalty to the people they love. With the cool Russian blue, you'll have a best friend for life.