10 Calmest Cat Breeds That Are Anything but Wild

One of these peaceful pals could be your next BFF.

cute scottish fold kitten lying on the floor with her tongue out
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Chill and kitty don't always go hand-in-hand, especially if you opt for a kitten rather than a full-grown cat. But fiery felines aren't the right pet for every household. When that's the case, you'll want to consider the calmest cat breeds for your chill home.

Like every cat lover, Annette Louviere, DVM at Wisdom Health Genetics, knows that "it's easy to fall for the first cat you see." But when you're visiting the shelter or chatting with a breeder, spotting your perfect peaceful pal could take some one-on-one visitation time and questions about the cat's socialization and life experiences.

"Certain cat breeds have been bred to display predictable personalities," Louviere says. "Although, true to a cat's nature, not all individuals of a particular breed will always fit this mold." She adds that the most lovable lap cats are socialized from a young age and introduced to new stimuli early on.

From sweet-tempered Siberians to purring Persians, we've rounded up ten laid-back loafs sure to fit your lifestyle.


white siberian cat lying in grass
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The social Siberian is a personal favorite of Louviere—she's been the proud pet parent to two! They're lovable, eager to cuddle, and will happily befriend other four-legged members of the family, too. Pure-bred Siberian cats cost a pretty penny since they're fairly rare in the U.S., but can you really put a price on love? You might get lucky and find one at your local shelter, too.


woman holding her ragdoll cat with bright blue eyes
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Speaking of stealing your heart—spend some time with this blue-eyed cutie and you've made a friend for life. The ragdoll's namesake is melting into your arms when being picked up, kind of like a ragdoll toy. It's worth noting that the ragdoll breed is Lindsay Butzer's, DVM and PetMeds partner, number one pick when it comes to the calmest cat breeds. "Ragdolls are a lazy and docile cat breed who aren't good hunters," she lovingly says.


grey and white Persian cat laying on a white bed

"A calm cat will usually be a friendly cat who likes to be pet and purrs immediately when given pets under the chin," Butzer says. And more often than not, Persian cats fill the bill. Their grooming needs are not for the faint of heart, but you'll be rewarded with the cutest smooshy-faced lap cat anyone could ask for.


himalayan; calmest cat breed
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Himalayans are a perfect combo of the sweet-natured Persian and spunky Siamese. Their best days are spent in their favorite human's lap but also enjoy time spent chasing their favorite wand toy. Plus, these long-haired floofs are downright gorgeous. Their fame point markings and striking blue eyes make them one eye-catching breed.

Scottish Fold

cute scottish fold kitten lying on the floor with her tongue out
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Known for their folded ears and cubby faces that give them an owl-like look, the charming Scottish fold can melt the heart of just about anyone. "They're even-tempered but can be more energetic than the average lap cat," Louviere says. They love deeply and might even take a special shine to their favorite human but aren't overly demanding or needy.

British Shorthair

Girl cuddles grey British Shorthair on shoulder
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Louviere says this breed is specially bred for their silky-smooth looks and gentle nature. (But remember, genetics are only part of the calm kitty equation). They can be a little shy. So, socialization as a kitten plays a big role in helping your British shorthair become a well-rounded cat.


Burmilla Cat laying on the floor
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Another part Persian pal, the Burmilla is an adorable cross between chinchilla Persians and Burmese cats. They have a lot of love to give, which is no surprise given their equally loving cousins. Their black-rimmed shocking green eyes and silky coat are said to make this cutie look like she's dolled up for a night out, but we guarantee she'd rather spend the evening curling up on the couch.

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man holding his ragamuffin cat over his shoulder
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Yes, they're as cute as their name implies. RagaMuffins grow to be fairly large, with male cats reaching up to 20 pounds—which means an impressive amount of fuzzy fur to snuggle up with. Even though they have loads of fur, it's super soft and doesn't easily mat when brushed regularly (once or twice a week with do).


birman lying on a bed with woman
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A quick peek at their history hints that Birman cats are the chillest of felines. It's said that their bond with humans began centuries ago, as trusty companions to temple monks. This Velcro kitty loves following her beloved humans from room to room, showering them with affection. And she'd prefer if she wasn't left alone often.

American Shorthair

multicolored american shorthair lying down
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"American shorthairs are often described as docile and easygoing but are also known to be quite playful," Louviere says. After all, these feisty felines were originally prized for their hunting abilities aboard the Mayflower. So, while they're definitely laid back, "calm" will depend on your definition, Louviere adds.

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