13 Calm Dog Breeds Happy to Chill and Take a Nap With You

Never boring and always affectionate, these devoted dogs know how to go with the flow.

Some pups have energy to spare and are perfect companions for active pet parents. But if you're searching for a more calm dog breed that's happy to chill on the couch and nap with you, there are many fine canines to consider.

Leslie Sinn, DVM, DACVB, CPDT-KA, is a veterinary behaviorist at Behavior Solutions and a member of the Daily Paws Advisory Board. She says when you're thinking about easygoing dog breeds, it's essential to remember that a dog's calm disposition shows when they're able to stay composed while facing change and variability in their environment.

"For a quieter breed, there's a lot of individual variation," Sinn says. "So people shouldn't assume that just because a dog is from a breed associated with calmness that a particular individual will be calm."

Fortunately, Sinn says, as a dedicated pet parent, you can help reinforce calm, quiet behavior, making it more likely to happen regardless of breed. After all, our sensitive, furry friends really pick up on our moods and actions, and love to follow us everywhere! So you'll have plenty of opportunities for teachable moments using positive reinforcement.

While every individual dog is unique, here are some breeds that tend to be on the calmer side—and are simply irresistible.

Calm and Cuddly Dog Breed: French Bulldog

fawn french bulldog
Fernando Trabanco Fotografía / Getty

Hot on the paws of Labrador retrievers (also on this calm dogs list!) are the adorable and snuggly French bulldogs—American Kennel Club's (AKC) second most popular dog breed in the U.S. Considered to be easygoing best friends for seniors, children, and apartment dwellers, they're goofy, smart, devoted, and crave attention from their hoomans. Oh, and those ears!

Popular Calm Hypoallergenic Dogs: Standard Poodle

light brown standard poodle standing on path in woods
Teemu Tretjakov / EyeEm / Getty

Would there be as many 'oodle' crossbreeds if not for all the charming characteristics of the standard poodle? Intelligent, mellow, affectionate, playful, and somewhat hypoallergenic (as much as any pooch can be, anyway!), the poodle loves to learn and is often eager to please. He might need a little more exercise than other calm dog breeds to live his best life.

Calm Small Dog Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel laying indoors
Tanja Walter / EyeEm / Getty

One look into her soulful eyes and you know right away this small, gentle dog is a sweetie pie! A Cavalier King Charles spaniel is a loving cuddler with a friendly disposition. While she enjoys daily walks and games of fetch as much as the next pooch, she was bred to be a lap dog, and prefers to be with you much of the time.

Calm Medium-Sized Dog: Basset Hound

three Basset Hounds running in a park
dageldog / Getty

The basset hound is a medium-sized dog with long floppy ears and an affable and bright personality. One of the calmest dogs you'll ever meet, she might look woeful, but will light up in your consistent presence, especially if you play to her strengths and train her in scent work, then power down after each "workout" for a leisurely pup-cozy nap!

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Calm Large Dog Breed: Irish Wolfhound

wheaten irish wolfhound lying on grass
slowmotiongli / Getty

You might not need a country manor, but your family should have a bit of secured outdoor space for the serene Irish wolfhound. He ranks high on most chill dog breed lists because he's a loyal, unflappable companion who's great with children. However, he's a big boy—usually 2 feet tall and more than 100 pounds—so early socializing and training help him bring out his best behavior.

Gentle Giant Dog Breed: Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard stands in snow on top of hill
Rita Kochmarjova / Adobe Stock

If you have a lot of space and children begging for a dog, the steadfast Saint Bernard might be a terrific choice. One of the most calm dog breeds, this massive furball of sweetness is so loving, good-natured, and patient, she's a terrific pet to share in all your kids' adventures. Since she doesn't require too much strenuous exercise, seniors who enjoy leisurely wooded walks might consider her a fine companion.

Calm Dogs Who Don't Shed: Xoloitzcuintli

Horizontal photo of three Mexican hairless adult dogs outdoors
TaynaPanova / Getty

One of the advantages of the beautiful Xoloitzcuintli is that she's either hairless or has a short flat coat, so you save time and money clearing away fur. Pronounced show-low-itz-QUEENT-ly or Xolo (show-low) for short, this Mexican native is a quiet and attentive pup with a low allergen level and long lifespan who loves daily jaunts, a little fetch, and a lot of your attention.

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Big Calm Dog Breed for Your Family: Newfoundland

Adult Newfoundland sits with head titled in grassy field
Dyrefotografi.dk / Adobe Stock

If you hoped for more big gentle dogs on this list, then you'll love the Newfoundland! Newfs, as they're called, are shaggy and enormous, sometimes standing 3 feet tall and weighing 200 pounds! Far from lazy, these dedicated but laid-back working dogs are fond of the great outdoors. Caring and even-tempered, Newfs tolerate the hubbub of family life well.

Calm Dog Breed Who Doesn't Bark Much: Bulldog

English Bulldog stands off to the side in grassy field, tongue out
liliya kulianionak / Adobe Stock

The English bulldog is a great pup not only because he's a roly-poly blob of love, but also because he really doesn't bark unless absolutely necessary. Good news for apartment residents who want a silly but chill dog breed who may or may not share the couch, 'cause it's one of his favorite places. Uber kid-friendly, bring out his best with early training—and make sure to wash his face!

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Easy-Going Dog Breed Who's Easy to Love: Golden Retriever

Portrait of golden retriever
Mikkel Bigandt / Adobe Stock

With sunny personalities to match their lovely coats, golden retrievers never seem to have a bad day. Seriously, how many dogs do you know who would sing along with windchimes? The smart and sweet-natured golden considers herself an important part of your family, and loves cats, other dogs, bunnies, the Amazon delivery person, the neighbor two doors down …

Super Chill Dog: Greyhound

Portrait of Greyhound dog
George Fielding / Getty

Full of grace, greyhounds have a relaxed temperament that's a direct contradiction to what we usually think of, which are his sprinting abilities. In reality, this delightful and kind, lanky pup enjoys cuddle time and leisurely sniff-based walks. If you want to adopt a rescued greyhound, keep in mind he'll need extra love, training, and attention to truly feel at home in the slow lane.

Most Popular Calm Dog: Labrador Retriever

Yellow lab lays happily in long grass during golden hour
Rrraum / Getty

For 30 straight years, the good-natured Labrador retriever has topped the AKC's most popular dog breeds list. Is it any wonder? A Lab is exceeding loyal, a devoted furever friend for people of all ages, and a great balance of active curiosity and "curl up by the fire" togetherness. Easy to train and eager to please, a Lab's calm disposition is just one of her many attractive traits.

Surprisingly Calm, Quiet Dog Breed: Pug

pug with tongue hanging out
Elli Luca / Getty

Since pugs can have a mischievous side, many wouldn't consider them as one of the best calm dog breed choices. But quick-witted pugs adore their people, and expect to be showered with the same level of affection. When this happens, these playful pups are full of mellow appeal, snuggles, and friendliness. They shed a bit, though, so have your grooming brush ready.

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