10 Stunning Black and White Dog Breeds That'll Make You Say "Wow!"

These doggos radiate dual-toned beauty as well as pluck, brains, and a double dose of love.

Far from monochrome, black and white things make a bold statement. Consider piano keys. Crossword puzzles. Pandas. It's a classic combination that is anything but basic, and black and white dog breeds are no exception.

Jo Myers, DVM, of Salida, Colo. is a telehealth practitioner on Vetster. She says while black and white dogs might share coat colors, they're all distinctive individuals. "For example, the beloved Boston terrier has the personality of a court jester, while a border collie is smart enough to work as a canine contractor and wire your house to code," she says.

French bulldog wearing a harness sitting in her owner's lap outside in the grass
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So after you're finished cooing over the beautiful black and white dog pictures below, you may feel that familiar tug of the heartstrings that makes you want to bring one home for yourself. Just be sure to take time to research each breed and its special characteristics to see which one best fits your lifestyle, because no black and white dog breed is quite like the other!

Most Popular Black and White Dog Breeds

Whether you desire a snuggly toy pup who considers your lap the top nap spot or a gargantuan BFF (best furry friend!) who garners second glances at the dog park, this selection of black and white dogs will have you begging for more.

Boston Terrier

black and white boston terrier
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Known as the "American Gentleman," the Boston terrier is an impish charmer who's totally dapper in his tuxedo coat. "This delightful breed lives for your companionship and loves nothing more than to play," Myers says. As a small black and white dog, creative tricks channel his oodles of smarts and peppy energy quite well—check out this guy rollin' with his cat pal on a scooter! Generally healthy and easy to groom, you can expect the Boston terrier to be your best bud for 11–15 years.

Border Collie

Profile shot of border collie outdoors near grassy field
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Truly one of the most astounding doggie athletes around, you've got to have your wits about you if you fancy a border collie. They rank high on many lists: smartest dog breeds, top cattle dogs, best dogs for active people … you get the idea. Not only do border collies want a job to do, they must have one, and inquire with an intense gaze to know what's next. So if you have space to roam and the energy to train them, they'll amaze you with their abilities, then nestle in for rewarding pats.


Dalmatian standing in grass
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A Dalmatian is an obvious standout for a sweet and lovely white dog with black spots, but she's also quite a historic breed. Likely originating in the Austrian province of Dalmatia, they traveled with ancient Romani people across Africa, Asia, and Europe. 'Dals' were also carriage guardian dogs and of course, firefighters' best friends, but now earn high marks as family pets. Help them overcome timidness with new people and situations through lots of socialization opportunities in puppyhood.

French Bulldog

French bulldog wearing a harness sitting in her owner's lap outside in the grass
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Considered the second most popular dog in the U.S., a French bulldog or 'Frenchie' will be most content in a blanket fort with kids, nuzzling up beside them for snuggle sessions, and will love sniffing out snacks with a food puzzle like a snuffle mat stuffed with treats. Bred to be companion dogs (even when they reach nearly 30 pounds!), their passion is pleasing you, but they also can be a smidge scampish, so they might need more dedicated attention for potty training and other desired behaviors.


white and black newfoundland near white flowers
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If you wished as a child that your teddy bear was life-size, maybe a Newfoundland is the perfect pooch pal. But know this: as a mountain breed, he's going to be a big black and white dog and an anchor on the family couch—about 200 pounds of snuggable fluff. Myers says "these dogs have legendary swimming skills, with thick, long coats that are easier to grab onto if you need assistance to shore." If you want to learn more about their exploits, she recommends the book Newfies to the Rescue: Tales of the Newfoundland Dog.

Siberian Husky

black and white siberian husky on leash with owner
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Some dogs bark, and that's just what they're designed to do. Siberian huskies, on the other hand, express their extreme pleasure (or displeasure) with a distinctive "aahhwwooo" howl, and will even howl along with passing sirens. It's their nature to be quite vocal, as that's how these pack animals learned to connect across the frozen tundra. Energetic and full of surprises, it's hard not to love the spark and spirit of a husky, and there's no better winter playmate for sledding, skiing, or other snowy frolics!

Harlequin Great Dane

black and white harlequin great dane lying in grass
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What first comes to mind when you think of Great Danes? HUGS! Full doggie body hugs! Rarely has the term 'gentle giant' applied more than when describing this social and cuddly canine leader of the household. They love humans and other animals equally (even cats, if properly introduced early on) and have a Zen-like balance to activity and leisure—a little of each day is good enough. Myers says large dogs like Great Danes do require more care and expense, though, so be sure to consult a veterinarian before bringing one into your family so you fully understand this doggo's unique needs.

Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dog standing in the grass
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A favorite of fishing professionals and presidents, the affectionate and family-oriented Portuguese water dog hates being bored. Keep a fresh stock of mentally-stimulating toys at the ready, and schedule at least an hour (yes, really!) of daily exercise. As excellent swimmers, these active overachievers are perfect for dock diving and agility competitions. This black and white long-haired dog has curly fur that will bush out in an instant (it never stops growing!) without consistent grooming every six–to–eight weeks.

Japanese Chin

Japanese chin stands in grass and licks nose
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If you want a small black and white fluffy dog who appreciates the finer things in life (stylish collars, anyone?) pick up a Japanese chin and your heart will certainly skip a beat. Barely 10 pounds, this pooch provided companionship for ancient nobility, so she's sweet on seniors, apartment dwellers, and any other mature person who likes to cozy up with a soft pup friend. Polite but entertaining, they're a little more cat-like than most dogs, content to be admired.


Black, tan, and white Berenedoodle laying in grass
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With a "Hey! Hi! How are you?" welcoming expression and a particular fondness for children, a Bernedoodle might also be the solution allergy sufferers hope for in a pet, as her curly hair means she's a more hypoallergenic option than some other pups (not completely, of course, since no dog is 100% hypoallergenic). A "Bernie," as they're affectionately known, is considered a black and white dog breed most of the time, but as a hybrid dog (with Bernese mountain dog and poodle parents), genetics might broaden her coat color palette. But that certainly doesn't lessen her adorableness one bit!

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