Black-and-white cats come ready to party. They're already wearing a tuxedo!

Every day can be a fancy affair when you have a black-and-white cat. Who doesn't love a feline dressed in his finest formal wear? Maybe you're drawn to these two-tone beauties because they match the tight color palette of your farmhouse-style decor. Perhaps it's the potential for fabulously descriptive names. (Bandit? Barcode? James Bond?) Or maybe that slinky cutie at the shelter captivated you with such charm and elegance, you just had to adopt him.

If you hope to add a black-and-white cat breed to your family, there are plenty to choose from, all with unique personalities. We've selected nine of our favorites, ranging from the elegant tabby stripe to bicolor magpies. We know, we know, it's hard to choose just one, so two might be better!

Maine Coon

black and white Maine Coon
Credit: Darrell Blakely / Shutterstock

Maine coon cats are the largest domestic cat breed, and they're known for their long, shaggy fur, distinguished features, and bushy tails. Sure, a little more grooming is involved, but they're totally worth it, as these fluffy felines are very sweet and social with humans. Their fur commonly appears in marbled black-and-white but also in brown and shades of ginger. They feature vibrant eyes ranging from blue to green and gold.

Cornish Rex

black and white Cornish Rex
Credit: Angela Emanuelsson / EyeEm / Getty

The playful Cornish rex has a distinctive appearance—you can't miss those large eyes, bat-like ears, and short, curly hair! They also love to sprint and are avid climbers so get the cat tree ready! But it's not all solo playtime—they enjoy the company of their humans, too. They're fashion-forward in a variety of colors, including combinations of black and white, all white, all black, orange, brown, and gray. And that signature curly hair often has differing patterns and markings, too. Another bonus? They don't shed much.


black and white Manx cat
Credit: acarapi / Shutterstock

This friendly, tailless kitty can have either long or short hair in a multitude of colors and patterns, including the classic tuxedo look. Manx are incredibly smart, often picking up on tricks quickly, such as playing fetch. Sociable and affectionate, they enjoy following you around and snuggling up next to you on the sofa, and prefer not to be left alone for long periods at a time.

Oriental Shorthair

black and white Oriental cat
Credit: slowmotiongli / Getty

The elegant Oriental shorthair has a sleek body with large ears and almond eyes. Their patterns and markings vary widely, and they look just as beautiful in shades of white, black, cream, ginger, and brown as they do black and white. These kitties also dispel the myth of aloof felines by forming strong bonds with their owners and seeking out regular chin scritches and lingering pats.


black and white Persian cat
Credit: Darrell Blakely / Shutterstock

It's easy to spot a Persian's round faces and gorgeous long hair. They're usually friendly and enjoy sunbathing throughout the day—the perfect activity for a cat with a Hollywood history (Marilyn Monroe owned a Persian named Mitsou). Persian cats come in many colors, like white, gray, orange, brown, and of course, the classic piebald black and white. Maintain their flowing locks with daily brushing and you'll get a many grateful head butts in return.

Scottish Fold

black and white Scottish Fold cat
Credit: slowmotiongli / Getty

The name for Scottish fold cats comes from their signature folded ears, which lie close to their head. They sport medium-length or long hair in hues of magpie, white, black, red, and cream. These handsome kitties are quite intelligent, and they enjoy playing with challenging toys that involve figuring out a certain task. They also prefer hanging out with humans and shouldn't be left alone for too long, as they might develop anxiety.


black and white siberian cat
Credit: Pathara Buranadilok / Getty

Siberians are black-and-white cats with semi-long fur who are fairly large, weighing between 8 and 17 pounds. They're fond of their humans and not afraid to show it, sticking close to your heels and climbing into your lap when you settle into a chair. Another smart cookie who loves learning new things, this active breed enjoys games and climbing to a high perch in the room to survey their environment—and perhaps pounce if necessary!

Turkish Van

black and white turkish van cat
Credit: M.Hedegaard / Shutterstock

Turkish van cats are beloved for their sturdy build, playful, active nature, and for being one of the relatively rare breeds of cat that has an affinity for water. Their name comes from the "van pattern" on their fur: an all-white body with different color spots (including black) on their heads and a solid-color tail of the same color. If you've always wanted an adventure cat who wears a harness with ease, meet your new travel buddy! He's also happy to be engaged and spend time with you, so keep your van busy with stimulating toys.


black and white munchkin cat
Credit: Michael Beder / Getty

Munchkins are a dwarf cat breed with normal-sized bodies supported by legs about 3 inches shorter than those of average-sized felines. However, they're big on personality, and cat fanciers love these black-and-white cats for their energy (they're always ready to play!) and charming dispositions. While some have striking two-tone coloring, tabby and calico are more common colorations.