These large-eared doggos will have you smiling from—you guessed it—ear to ear!
three minature poodles with dog walker on a city sidewalk
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Is there anything cuter than a pup with satellite dish ears? While we can't help but "aww" at every dog we come across, there's something about big-eared dogs that instantly makes us swoon. No matter whether they're pointy or floppy, oversized ears melt our hearts with every head tilt—and well, just about everything else.

Some breeds are said to have larger-than-life ears due to domestication from long ago to help them perform certain tasks (e.g. working, herding, sporting, etc.). Meanwhile, others were simply born to be big-eared based on looks alone.

Here's what we know for sure: these dogs are as cute as a bug's ear. From pint-sized pups to gentle giants, we're rounding up some of the most precious big-eared dogs you're bound to love!


bloodhound walking in a sunny backyard
Bloodhounds are big, solid dogs. And while they will never make a good running partner, they can keep pace on hikes for miles.
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Bloodhounds' ears hang low and wobble to and fro! Their cute, droopy ears—along with their impeccable nose and wrinkled skin—intensify scents and make them the best trackers around. A bloodhound is happiest when he gets to explore and use his nose. This makes long walks and day hikes the perfect pastimes. Bloodhounds love their humans and are gentle giants, getting along with every two-legged and four-legged being.

French Bulldog

French bulldog wearing a harness sitting in her owner's lap outside in the grass
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Who could resist these adorably batty ears? French bulldogs are instantly recognizable thanks to their pointy ears and squishy faces. This small, stocky sweetheart is easygoing, goofy, and intelligent. He'll love to join you on the couch for movie marathons (and naps—lots and lots of naps!) or go outside for a short walk. A wonderful companion pup for many types of owners, the French bulldog is a charming dog with a loving spirit.


Papillon dog sitting in a yellow backpack worn by man in a black leather jacket
Credit: Svitlana Sokolova / Shutterstock

She's beauty and she's grace. She's got the cutest, biggest ears to frame her little face! Meet the papillon. The feathered hair on her large ears resembles butterflies, explaining her French name which translates to "butterfly." This pint-sized pup is smart, playful, and oh-so-elegant. It's no wonder she was a favorite among royalty for nearly 600 years.

Bracco Italiano

Bracco Italiano laying on red brick patio
The Bracco Italiano is a calm, sweet-natured pup who gets along with kids, other dogs, and (when properly introduced and socialized) smaller animals like cats and chickens.
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The Bracco Italiano's ears? That's amore! Bracchi Italiani have a distinct appearance with their floppy ears, droopy jowls, and wise eyes. Social and noble, these sporting dogs are devoted to their work and family. The Bracco Italiano is a calm dog who thrives on tons of exercise and mental stimulation—ideally, putting his hunting instincts to good use.

Afghan Hound

black afghan hound posing on autumn park
Credit: Olga-i / Shutterstock

Everything about the Afghan hound exemplifies elegance, from her silky, luscious coat to her long, hanging ears. Intelligent and independent, Afghan hounds have quirky personalities that are comparable to a cat's. But don't let her somewhat aloofness deceive you—she cherishes her humans and becomes attached. Although Afghan hounds make great indoor companions, they'll love to go for a walk, jog, or hike.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

pembroke welsh corgi lying outside on pavement in front of owner
Corgis are social pups who want to be your adventure buddy.
| Credit: Ирина Мещерякова / Getty

Those perfectly perked ears. Short, stubby legs. Big, fluffy butt. You guessed it. It's the one and only corgi! Corgis are small dogs with big personalities. These pups are super smart, social, and silly. They enjoy lounging with their people as much as they do playing with their toys. No matter how you're spending time with corgis, they'll bring a smile to your face that's just as big as theirs.

German Shepherd

German shepherd laws on dock by a lake
Credit: Jody Trappe Photography / Getty

German shepherds always look like they're listening to every word you say thanks to their large, perky ears and watchful, brown eyes. A big, beloved breed perfect for experienced dog owners and known for their kind and courageous personality, it's easy to see why German shepherds are known as one of the most popular dog breeds in the U.S. These canines have tons of energy and will revel in just about any physical activity. Say hello to your new workout buddy!

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Cocker Spaniel

cocker spaniel lying on a bed with her owner writing in a journal behind her
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The good-natured cocker spaniel has ears as big as his heart. His ears are ever so floppy and covered in beautiful, curly hair. He's truly as friendly as he looks! Affectionate and eager to please, cocker spaniels get along with anyone and everyone (especially kiddos), making them amazing family pets.

Basset Hound

basset hound sitting on sidewalk
Don't let their short stature fool you—basset hounds are big dogs, weighing up to 65 pounds.
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OK, those long, velvety ears and puppy dog eyes have officially broken the cuteness scale. The basset hound's motto might as well be, "Go big or go home." (With the exception of his short, adorable legs, of course.) These pooches are easygoing, loyal, and charming, and prefer to have company, whether it's you or a furry friend. They'll be happy to go for daily walks to sniff and investigate, then catch some z's once they're back home.


woman waking up with her dachshund
Credit: Goodboy Picture Company / Getty

This list wouldn't be complete without the dashing dachshund! His large ears are as notable as his itty-bitty legs and sausage-shaped body. Clever, cuddly, and courageous, these spunky pups have a personality as big as their ears. Dachshunds are an adaptable breed who do well in just about any home. Because of their size, they don't need a lot of exercise. However, since they're prone to gaining unwanted weight, it's recommended they go out for short, daily walks.


three minature poodles with dog walker on a city sidewalk
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Poodles, no matter whether standard, miniature, or toy, are naturally beautiful dogs. And their perfectly fluffy ears? Well, those add to their already aristocratic appearance, of course! These curly-haired cuties are brilliant, gentle, and athletic. Regardless of size, they're intelligent family dogs who are devoted to their humans.

Redbone Coonhound

closeup of a redbone coonhound with his tongue out
Two things are guaranteed to make a redbone coonhound happy: being around his people, and being outside.
| Credit: Mary Swift / Adobe Stock

The redbone coonhound is a gorgeous, happy-go-lucky dog whose love for the outdoors is as strong as our love for her oversized, floppy ears. (And that stunning red coat!) Laid back and friendly, redbone coonhounds are inquisitive tracking dogs who make for loving companions and an excellent addition to any active, multi-dog household that can fulfill their natural hunting instincts.

Boston Terrier

French Bulldog laying in girl's lap outside in chaise lawn chair
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Boston terriers are as cute as a button. Their permanently alert ears are the cherry on top of their "aw"-inducing features, like their big, round eyes and smooshed faces. Nicknamed "the American Gentleman," this small dog wants to shower their human with attention and affection and is happiest spending time together. One of their favorite activities—besides snoozing? Boston terriers love to play, especially games of tug of war or with food puzzles. They also like going for walks to burn off some of that energy. (Which would otherwise be used for zoomies!)

Peruvian Inca Orchid

peruvian inca orchid running through grassy field
Peruvian inca orchid dogs can be as little as 8 pounds or as large as 55. But no matter their size, these active pups need at least one hour of exercise every day.
| Credit: Aleksandr Tarlõkov / Adobe Stock

Coated or hairless, the Peruvian inca orchid's ears are guaranteed to turn heads! This beautiful ancient breed is loyal, graceful, and affectionate. Prepare for playtime with Peruvian inca orchids; these are high-energy pups who love toys and games. Depending on the weather, she'll need either doggie sunscreen or a jacket to protect her sensitive skin before stepping outside.

Doberman Pinscher

Medium shot portrait of a Doberman Pinscher wearing a red collar
Bred to be obedient, loyal companions, Dobermans are often vigilant. They form deep bonds with their owners and are commonly called "Velcro dogs."
| Credit: everydoghasastory / Shutterstock

The Doberman pinscher is born with big, floppy ears that compliment his sweet, multicolored face, but it's likely you've seen this breed with their ears cropped (a practice that has become controversial in recent years). Doberman pinschers have warm, soulful eyes and a sleek coat with a slender build. These big dogs are loving; so loving, in fact, that they're affectionately referred to as "Velcro dogs." Doberman pinschers are extremely active and require regular exercise, such as games of Frisbee, hikes, or runs.

Australian Cattle Dog

australian cattle dog profile
Credit: Paulo Hoeper / Getty

Also known as a blue heeler, the Australian cattle dog is a handsome pup with a striking, speckled coat and large, pointy ears. The Australian cattle dog is a loyal companion who prefers to be by your side. A smart and sporty breed, these skilled herding dogs are at their best with tasks that tend to their brain power and athleticism.