From the puggle to the bagel, these scampering beagle crossbreeds have much more to offer than just good looks and charming personalities!
Corgi and Beagle mix wearing blue bandana
Credit: Courtesy of henryboy119 / Instagram

Beagles are bouncy, sweet as candy, and perfect snuggly fur-covered members of an active family. When properly socialized, they absolutely charm everyone, and share abundant amounts of floppy-eared love with you, children, other dogs, and even cats! 

Endlessly playful, they're naturally-gifted scent hounds and eager to keep busy with nose work. But when the day is done, they'll curl up by you with their famous white-tipped tails across their noses.

These bright pups are on the top 10 list of the American Kennel Club's most popular dogs, so it's no surprise that beagle mixes are interesting to dog lovers as well. You can never have too much of a good thing! But it's essential to research mixed breed sources carefully to avoid online pet purchase scams and puppy mills. The health of your dog is of utmost importance for his longevity.

Questions to Ask Breeders of Beagle Mixes

Patrick Singletary, DVM, owns Good Dog Veterinary Care in Marietta, Ga. He recommends taking at least a few months to investigate breeders before finding a beagle mix puppy for your family.

"Responsible dog owners should help to prevent puppy mills by devoting copious time to researching breeds, researching the lines of the dogs they desire, and interviewing the right breeder to work with," he says. Here are some of his suggestions for spotting a qualified breeder:

  • They should be willing to "entertain pointed questions" about their line of dogs.
  • They should allow you to visit the facility. 
  • They should interview you as well.

"If the breeder asks you tough questions, then they are likely passionate about what they do and have the health and wellness of their dogs at the forefront of their minds," Singletary adds. Because these adorable beagle mixes deserve the very best in life!

Beagle Labrador Retriever Mix

beagle labrador retriever mix with a lab face and beagle coat standing outside at a park
beagle labrador retriever mix with beagle head and lab body lying on a paved driveway
Left: Credit: Courtesy of mowgli020820 / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of itsfoodbyhannah / Instagram

Both Labrador retrievers and beagles have good-natured temperaments and dedication to their people that's hard to beat. They also share a love for the great outdoors and are loyal hunting companions. Always willing to be your ruff 'n ready pal, clever Lab and beagle offspring are happiest when spending time with you and learning new tricks.

Cheagle (Beagle Chihuahua Mix)

chihuahua beagle mix cheagle with chihuahua face and beagle markings lying on pillow
black and tan cheagle with chihuahua face and beagle coat
Left: Credit: Courtesy of clarabelle_and_greg_buglio / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of salty_the_cheagle / Instagram

We're almost as enamored with the name Cheagle as we are with these spunky hybrid dogs! Chihuahuas make every day a party with their saucy personalities, so consistent positive reinforcement training brings out their best. Beagles and Chis are also known as some of the longest-living dog breeds, averaging 12–15 years of cuddly fun!

Puggle (Beagle Pug Mix)

tan puggle with a beagle face and pug coloring standing outside on a sunny day
black and tan puggle sitting on a leather couch arm
Left: Credit: Courtesy of eamesthepuggle / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of tails.of.florence / Instagram

As with most beagle mixes, what characteristics pet parents provide their pups are a total toss-up, but you can be certain a puggle will be pretty cute! While you'll certainly love your pooch, big-hearted and brainy pugs expect a little extra attention, so don't be surprised if your puggle does too. This mix adores kids and willingly participates in all aspects of make-believe.

Poogle (Beagle Poodle Mix)

poogle with beagle ears and a poodle snout lying in the grass on a sunny day
beagle poodle mix with a poodle coat and beagle coloring on a walk with its tongue out
Left: Credit: Courtesy of kuechlythepoodle / Instagram

Right: Credit: Courtesy of zitithepoogle / Instagram

A poogle is, without a doubt, adorbs times two! Usually the crossbreed of a miniature poodle or toy poodle, you'll get a whip-smart frisky doggo who's also affectionate and kind. Naturally athletic, poogles are great trail buddies, and will be right by your side anticipating a hike or maybe to try something new, like kayaking.

Doxle (Beagle Dachshund Mix)

brown beagle dachshund mix with a dachshund body standing with its tongue out
black and tan doxle sitting in the grass wearing a red harness
Left: Credit: Courtesy of pretzel_eclair_furbees / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of rockerfeller_rocky_davis / Instagram

You might call this dachshund and beagle mix a doxle, you might call it a beashund—just don't call it late for dinner! Clever, lovable, and full of fun surprises, the English and German heritage of this breed means he often responds well to cues during training, as he's used to having a job to do. And did we mention how darling they are? So darling!

Beaglier (Beagle Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Mix)

beagle cavalier king charles spaniel mix with beagle markings sitting in front of a fireplace
tan beaglier with a cavalier snout lying on rug
Left: Credit: Courtesy of bernie_thebeaglier / Instagram

Right: Credit: Courtesy of belle_the_beaglier / Instagram

It's those deep, soulful eyes that get you. So if your sweet beaglier inherits them from her Cavalier King Charles spaniel parent, sorry—she'll win a treat beg-off every time! There's likely to be a double-dose of friendly with this breed, too, so guide her with helpful 'sit', 'down', and 'go to place' direction. If you want a great apartment dog, she's probably the right fit.

Bagel (Beagle Basset Hound Mix)

happy bagel beagle basset hound mix with basset coat sitting outside the door looking at owner
beagle basset hound mix with basset eyes and ears sitting in a field of dandelions
Left: Credit: Courtesy of luckythebagelhound / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of sailorthedogsolberg / Instagram

Yes, this winsome buddy is called a bagel, and of course you just want to eat him up! Although basset hounds have comically sad faces, they're actually lively, personable pups who enjoy both runs around the yard and naps with children. Those extra-long floppy ears help their noses capture scents, so keep your bagel's boopable button active with snuffle mats and 'sniffaris' during long walks.

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Corgi Beagle Mix

Corgi and Beagle mix wearing blue bandana
corgi beagle mix with corgi body and beagle face and ears
Left: Credit: Courtesy of henryboy119 / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of peanutss / Instagram

Speaking of walks, break out the snazzy dog harness, 'cause this compact corgi crossbreed cutie is ready to roll! Plan physical and mental activities daily, and you'll be simply delighted over all he can accomplish. He might have a parent that's either a Cardigan Welsh or a Pembroke Welsh. No matter: you'll still have a spirited and charming doggie to love.

Sheagle (German Shepherd Beagle Mix)

two german shepherd beagle mixes with beagle heads and shepherd bodies sitting outside
German Shepherd Beagle mix with Beagle markings and German Shepherd size
Left: Credit: Courtesy of tuscon_sheagles and photographer sephers / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of Codyypawss / Instagram

A dedicated doggo who loves her humans deeply, a German shepherd beagle mix is another terrific choice for families. Each breed is consistently high on popularity lists, and provides their offspring with relatively good health, long lives, and a big dollop of wits! So help sheagles shine with consistent training that stimulates their minds and bodies in many great ways.

Jackabee (Jack Russell Terrier Beagle Mix)

brown and white jackabee with jack russell terrier body
jackabee dog with beagle eyes and jack russell body sitting on pavement on a sunny day
Left: Credit: Courtesy of amaya_jackabee / Instagram
Right: Credit: Courtesy of bearthecrook / Instagram

Watch out, because a Jackabee will keep you on your toes! Russell terriers are feisty Fidos with Mensa-like intelligence. Sure, they'll cuddle up with you, but only after they've fixed your laptop. Dogs in the terrier and hound groups like this mix flourish with experienced pet parents who appreciate such devoted, active, and intelligent pets.

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