Newlyweds Sassy and Spero donned the trademark white dress and tuxedo for their adorable wedding ceremony, which benefited a great cause.

Love is apparently a four-legged word: Sassy and Spero, two former shelter pups at Greenville County Animal Care in South Carolina, tied the knot earlier this month in a beautiful wedding ceremony that included a doggy dress and tuxedo, a dog-friendly wedding cake, and a stunning red fire hydrant as a centerpiece.

The bride and groom partied all night long next to their human friends at Greenville County Animal Care. There was a tent, a DJ booth, a dance floor, wedding decor, and, of course, an aisle that both Sassy and Spero walked down accompanied by a volunteer and some treats. Sassy wore a beautiful white dress with a long, embellished train while Spero opted for a more classic look with a simple black tux. 

dog bride and groom
Credit: Courtesy of Greenville County Animal Care

"They loved the chance to bark 'I do' and make their love official," an employee at Greenville told Daily Paws.

Both Sassy and Spero now live together in their adoptive home. "Spero and Sassy have grown to love each other very much," the spokesperson added. "They are not shy and love a good party."

The beautiful event was for an important cause, too. The doggy wedding raised money for the Have a Heart Heartworm Treatment Fund, an initiative launched this year by Greenville County Animal Care. Heartworms can be a big barrier for adoption: 30 percent of dogs who enter the Greenville shelter are heartworm positive, and treatment can cost between $500 and $1,000, an employee told Daily Paws. The price can sometimes discourage potential adopters, which makes it harder for shelter pups with heartworms to find a forever home. 

The cause is close to the newlyweds' hearts since both Sassy and Spero have had heartworms. Spero is now heartworm free and Sassy has been receiving treatment for the past few months. 

"Spero has been by Sassy's side every step of the way, even when the treatment causes her some pain. Spero is a true gentleman and often won't eat before Sassy is finished," they added. "Sassy will soon be heartworm free and they will live happily ever after."

In lieu of wedding gifts, the happy couple is asking people to donate to the Greenville County Animal Care's Have a Heartworm Treatment Fund. 

These two former shelter pups are obviously head-over-paws in love with one another. So happy for these adorable and soon-to-be healthy newlyweds!