Happy first thirteenth birthday, Ninja!
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If you have a cat with a birthday coming up (like I do—and his name is literally Cake), you're going to want to pay attention to this video. Did you know you can make your feline friend a seriously adorable, safe, delicious cake with some pretty common household ingredients? Cat mom Adrienne does us the courtesy of walking through the recipe step-by-step while she makes her cat Ninja's first birthday cake.

Although this is Ninja's first birthday cake, it's definitely not his first birthday. Adrienne's not sure how old her adopted kitty really is, but the best estimate is around 13 or 14 years old. Ninja hasn't even celebrated his birthday before, since his pet parents aren't sure of the date—but at this point, why not just invent a birthday? And so they did. Happy birthday, Ninja!

ninja, the black cat, eating his birthday cake
Salmon Sweet Potato Cat Birthday Cake

Let this be a lesson to pet parents that you don't need to know your beloved animal pal's birthday to properly celebrate your furry BFF. Seriously—there are no rules here. Just choose any day you want and spoil them! Nobody will stop you.

Although Adrienne does admit that assigning Ninja a Sagittarius birthday is a little bit off considering his obvious Scorpio tendencies (moody, mysterious)—so be careful to consider your pet's astrological attributes before committing to a date. Or don't, because there are *quite literally* no rules here. Just fun.

The cat birthday cake Adrienne whipped up for Ninja is super easy to make, and it involves a few simple ingredients including salmon, mashed sweet potato, and chicken (one of Ninja's favorites). The two-layer cake is created using a basic round cookie cutter, and then layered with peanut butter to seal the frozen sweet potato patties together. A plain yogurt icing completes the cake.

Not surprisingly, Ninja absolutely loved his cake. Want to give this recipe a try for your feline friend, or try another homemade pet food recipe? Just don't forget to tag #DailyPawsPets on Instagram so we can see your kitchen creation, and subscribe to Daily Paws on YouTube for more great pet-friendly recipes.