Get ready for some ruffhousing!
dog stands by football toy in large grassy area
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Super Bowl LVII (also known as the football game that interrupts Rihanna's concert) is almost here. The Kansas City Chiefs will take on the Philadelphia Eagles this Sunday, and we can already smell the buffalo dip and hot wings from here. While our dogs might not know the significance of Super Bowl Sunday, make sure your party is dog-friendly, with treats, toys, and outfits especially for them.

Here's how to make your Super Bowl party safe for all attendees, pups included.

1. Invite Their Besties

four dogs sitting together on sofa; dogs at new year's party
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If your dog has a pack of friends they love to play with, invite them (and their parents) over to your party. Keep the crowd to your pup's closest pals to avoid any conflicts and to make it easier to keep an eye on all the guests.

2. Dress the Part

small chihuahua in tiny Kansas City Chiefs jersey
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Whether it's a dog jersey, bandana, or collar, don't forget to get your pup game-day ready and dress them up in your team's colors. Bonus points if you can find a matching jersey for yourself.

(If you do select a jersey for your dog, make sure it doesn't limit their mobility, and always keep an eye on them to make sure the jersey doesn't snag or get caught on something and potentially become a hazard.)

3. Whip Up Some Dog-Friendly Snacks

cooking tray with Sweet Potato Dog Chews
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These homemade sweet potato dog treats are a snap to make (and way better for your dog than potato chips). Simply cut a few sweet potatoes into thin chips and bake for about 3 hours in a 250°F oven until the sweet potatoes turn into a chewy, crispy chip. Be sure to keep treats to no more than 10 percent of your dog's daily caloric intake.

4. Teach Them a Touchdown Celebration

woman giving labrador retriever a high five; easiest dog to train
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High-fiving your dog after your team scores a touchdown is probably one of the cutest tricks they can learn. Whether you decide to teach them how to high five, spin in a circle, or dance on cue, find a fun way to include your dog in the touchdown dances and game-winning celebrations.

5. Provide Festive, Themed Toys and Activities

jack russell terrier running after footall; dog football names
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Keep your pup and their friends entertained with plushy football toys, squeaker toys, ropes, tug toys, Frisbees, and KONGs. And with all of the playing, remember to leave bowls of water out to keep all dogs hydrated throughout the party.

6. Tune In to the Puppy Bowl

two puppies playing in the puppy bowl
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For dog lovers and just people in general, the Puppy Bowl might be the best part of the entire day. Puppies playing for three hours? Count us in. If your dog loves to watch animals on TV, count them in, too. Tune in for Team Fluff vs. Team Ruff, and don't miss the Kitten Halftime Show.

7. Create a Quiet Space

puppy in crate: how to crate-train your puppy
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Sometimes we all just need a break after socializing, dogs included. If your dog isn't used to being around lots of people, excess party noise, or people shouting at the game, give them somewhere away from the hubbub to relax, whether that's with their crate or a secluded safe space away from the party.

8. Keep Human Food and Drinks Out of Reach

white dog with family and food licking his lips; what are the toxic human foods dogs should never eat?
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Many of the most popular Super Bowl foods are toxic to dogs, so keep an eye out for any paws or noses getting too close to the food table. Beer (or alcohol of any kind), onions, garlic, bones from cooked meats, mustard, and chocolate should stay covered with lids in places your dog can't easily access.