Picture of Barkday treats box with cake and balloon and birthday hat dog treats
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Your Dog Deserves One of These Birthday Boxes Full of Treats and Toys

Get the paw-ty started with these birthday boxes full of goodies your dog will love.
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Life is full of important dates, from anniversaries to holidays to big deadlines, but all of those pale in comparison to your dog's birthday. Dogs bring so much joy into our lives, and it's only fitting that once a year, we hang up some streamers, get a special dog-friendly treat for them to devour, and post on Instagram how much we love our furry friend. Yes, we admit—the birthday celebrations are more for us than for them, but can you blame us?! The photos of your dog in a birthday hat are worth it!

We know that you already have your dog's birthday saved as a recurring event in your calendar, but sometimes, life can get busy, and your pup's special day can come sneaking up on you. Instead of running around town going to different stores to pick out the perfect gift for your dog, you can order a birthday box that comes packed with everything you need to make this birthday the best one yet. We're talking handmade treats, birthday bandanas for them to wear, even new toys

No one actually knows if dogs know or remember when their birthday is (we like to think they do!), but we can guarantee they'll go tail-wagging crazy for any of these 10 dog birthday boxes designed to make their pup party pawsitively spectacular.

10 of Our Favorite Dog Birthday Boxes

wufers birthday box
Credit: Courtesy of Wufers

1. WÜFERS Birthday Boy & Girl Cookie Box

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For dogs, the most important part of their birthday is, of course, the treats, and this box from Wüfers delivers handmade doggie treats that look as great as they taste. Each box comes with eight beautifully hand-decorated cookies, a packet of mini bone cookies, and four icing cups for the pup who cares more about the icing than the actual treat (relatable). 

Shop Now: WÜFERS Birthday Boy Cookie Box and Birthday Girl Cookie Box, $39; wufers.com

dog birthday box
Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

2. Burst Boxes

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The second you open this birthday box, your dog is going to feel like the most special pup in the world (because he is!). Customized with your dog's name on the inside flap, this box comes with two doggy cookies, a tennis ball, a tug rope, and a birthday hat for them to proudly wear all day long ... or at least long enough for you to snap a photo!

Shop Now: Burst Boxes, starting at $33; etsy.com

barkday dog cookies
Credit: Courtesy of Sassy Woof

3. Sassy Woof Barkday Dog Cookies

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Another great option for high-quality birthday dog treats is Sassy Woof, which offers an adorable cookie box in honor of your dog's "barkday." Each box comes with 12 handmade cookies that you can get in either blue or pink icing. They're made with all-natural ingredients and will last for five months, so you can keep the celebrations going!

Shop Now: Sassy Woof Barkday Dog Cookies, $20; sassywoof.com

dapper dog box
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

4. The Dapper Dog Box

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This subscription dog box is the birthday gift that keeps on giving! Once a month, your dog will receive a themed box with two treats, two toys, and a bandana, which will keep your dog looking fresh and fashionable as you switch out their trendy accessory every month. Warning: your dog might start thinking they have a birthday once a month, which isn't the worst thing in the world!

Shop Now: The Dapper Dog Box, $26 for the first month, $35 per month after; amazon.com

dog birthday treat box
Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

5. Pixie's Birthday Box

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Can we talk about how cute that birthday cake cookie with the smiling face is?! Each box is made to order and comes with three handmade, organic dog cookies—including a bone-shaped one with your dog's name on it! You'll also receive a bandana, which comes in three different sizes in order to get the perfect fit for your dog.

Shop Now: Pixie's Birthday Box, $28; etsy.com

pupbox birthday girl box
Credit: Courtesy of Petco

6. PupBox Birthday Girl & Boy Box

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Any four-legged friend is bound to feel special when they get this box packed full of festive goodies. We especially love the doggie cake mix and recipe the box comes with so you can make an extra-special, fresh treat for them. Just think of the photos you'll get of them gobbling up a slice of cake in 10 seconds flat!

Shop Now: PupBox Birthday Girl Box & Birthday Boy Box, $30; petco.com

birthday pup parcel
Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

7. Birthday Pup Parcel

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Want to send a birthday box to your grandpup or a friend's dog? This box comes with a personalized, handwritten note that will make the human recipient of the gift just as happy as the four-legged one. Well, we think the treats and toys included in the box are the real reason their dog is happy, but we're just guessing!

Shop Now: Birthday Pup Parcel, $35; etsy.com

dog squeaky toys birthday set
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

8. Jalousie Dog Birthday Gift Set

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This budget-friendly box is for the toy-loving dog in your life. Each box comes with four different toys, including one shaped like a birthday cake to honor the occasion. It also comes with a birthday bandana and birthday hat so your dog can let everyone know it's his special day. Warning: lots of pets and boops might occur while wearing the birthday accessories.

Shop Now: Jalousie Dog Birthday Gift Set, $19; amazon.com

zippy paws birthday box
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

9. ZippyPaws Birthday Box Gift for Dogs

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Complete with two huge squeaky toys and a plush birthday hat, this birthday box will have your dog running in circles with excitement before you can start singing "Happy Birthday" to him. Even if your dog hates wearing hats, this adjustable birthday hat will at least stay secure for one quick photo.

Shop Now: ZippyPaws Birthday Box Gift for Dogs, $13; amazon.com

dog birthday party gear
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

10. ADOGGYGO Dog Birthday Bandana Set

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So you're already bought decorations, toys, and treats for your dog's paw-ty … what's missing? Their birthday outfit, of course! Your pup will look so dapper while donning a sequined bow around his collar, a fun birthday hat, and an oversized bandana that says "It's My Birthday!" Just when you thought your dog couldn't get any cuter, this birthday box makes it possible.

Shop Now: ADOGGYGO Dog Birthday Bandana Set, $11; amazon.com